A Brewer Hell?
Taken with a grain of salt... ;-) I have been designing icons to use in the credits of our game, "Hill Billy Whack!", so I decided to have a little fun based on "A Miner Hell". Check out "A Brewer Hell"....


What's New? How about Fast Food Fever! YAHOO!!!!

We made it! Yahoo has us as in Yahoo Picks and the Directory!

"Tired of stuffing your face with the same old fast-food fare? Have the Big Mac and Whopper lost their greasy luster? Looking for the next generation in fast food? Fortunately, the folks behind this site have taken the first steps in creating a "NEW exciting cuisine from the same old boring fast food you cram into your gut everyday."

A special thanks to Mark Byron for telling us we had made it!

It looks as if we've made Metafilter | Community Weblog as well! Here's the direct link to the comments.

There has also been a mention of us on the day begins at 6:01am
"WHILE A CREATIVE AND ENTERTAINING SITE, Fast Food Fever nearly made me lose my breakfast. This is why Americans are so fat."
Looks like we also made Pop Culture Junk Mail.


London Thanksgiving Pics
Check out the wonder that is London. I present London Thanksgiving 2002!

You can also see THE SAME pics here but in MAC form. ;-) London Final


New Experiments!
Check out A Miner Hell and I Know. Both should provide some small level of enjoyment in these troubled times. ;-)

You can also take this Holiday Card exercise. We created it where I work to evolve a holiday card design. Enjoy!


What is going on?
I couldn't be busier. I'm swamped at work and my home life is swamped as well. Progress on the game front is going really well - the multiplayer version of Hill Billy Whack is almost done and the single player has been mapped out so that's at least moving forward.

We are going to London for Thanksgiving and I guess the only way to get there is to plow through and get all of this stuff done. Here's hoping I do!


Fast Food Fever?
If you haven't been to my new site Fast Food Fever - I suggest you do so...and you can even visit Fat Jay!


Halloween with the Tenenbaums
The annual party at Orchard Street went off without a hitch. My friend Denis, Maya, Rich, and I went as "The Royal Tenenbaums" and had a blast.


Remembering Siggraph
I met this guy at Siggraph in the airport. He made all the clothes for Yoda in Episode II. Thanks to Denis for finding a pic of this guy.Star Wars: Episode II | Digital Tailor


Jay Clone Head
I welcome Jay Clone Head to my cast of Jay Characters.

Small Town America...
...is dying. I can feel it. Maybe I let it die by moving to the City. I had always wanted to leave the city and return to small town america where I grew up, now I don't feel that's going to happen because there's nothing there for me - especially work. I had thought the internet age would have made it different but after watching CBS Sunday Morning this past Sunday it seems like it may have been too late. 50% of Americans used to live in rural America and now that number is less than 25% and the older people have not taken hold of the internet age and the jobs in those towns have not become the type to attract young people. So - everyone in Small Town America is old, not reproducing, and eventually the whole thing will be gone...gone.



The Next Generation of Game Development
Over at Avault, Ben Sawyer scribes a really cool article on how the next set of games will be made.


The Stone
If you didn't know I make a new kidney stone every few months and it really sucks ass. It hurts. It really hurts. It really really hurts. Check out the new stone I'm forming right now.


Bush Speak
Bush is a moron. I can't imagine a president that could be more stupid or lame than this guy. He can't even talk in full sentences and is trying to turn us into a "LET'S ATTACK! THEY MIGHT HURT US!" country. He sucks.


Fast Food Fever
I give you the Iron Chef of Fast Food! Fast Food Fever! Be prepared for irregular updates and irregular eating on Fast Food Fever! Thanks to Jake J. for the inspiration so long ago at Abuzz.



Experiments Update
I give you "Bad Game". It's a little Atari and a whole lot bad. See if you can get out of the loop.


Starting to integrate my calendar info using .mac - Jay Brewer's Calendar. You can now see how busy or not so busy I am.

MacOpz: Build Your Own G4 is pretty interesting if you consider that you can only buy a mac from Apple. If I was a uber-geek I would do this in a heartbeat.


Experiment Updates
In an effort to put out onto the net more crap. I have added "the grey room" in experiments. I will be adding more and more content into both experiments and media and cleaning out the links pages over the next few weeks.

The reason? Well I constantly attempt half-baked projects or learn a specific item like the lighting used in "the grey room" for something at work or that I'm working on long term. The stuff that is produced is sometimes pretty interesting so I am going to use jaybrewer.net as both blog and archive tool for my not so finished work and out of it I hope to pick some new things to finish.

Game Creation Update
Right now I'm pouring most of my efforts into Hill Billy Whack with Russell Miner. We are creating a Flash MX component system to make the game and are then going to create lot's of games based on those components. Wish us luck. ;-)
September 11th
Happy birthday mom! I love you.


New Design
Updated the site finally. Please excuse the mess while I clean it up as well. It will change every couple of weeks from now on as I look into different ideas for other work I'm putting together.


Star Trek?
Looks like Apple is keeping the x86 Torch Lit with 'Marklar'. It's like the old port of OS9 but it's OSX and running on intel. I like this. I would install OSX on an intel box with the hardware in a second. However I'm sure it's not that kind of strategy. Most likely it's a custom chip based hardware from AMD or some very strict set of hardware for OSX.

Andres Pictures
And finally pics of my trip to visit Andres & Meg + family somewhere near Little Compton. A Trip to Little Compton


Go Here - It's Really Refreshing
Drew Curtis' FARK.com is simply brillant. People send in really stupid stuff from all over the web. I can't imagine a better Friday afternoon time waster as the clock ticks in the background.


Design Kit?
Here's an interesting approach to design - make a great look and feel and take some groovy photographs, create some fonts,and print up a shirt and put it in a tin - WALLAH! Design Kit for sale - $49 bucks. I bought one. Too cool - make up kits and sell them like a new brand of FONT Haus (a la emigre). Check out APOLLO 26.


In the News
"Actor Joshua Ryan Evans, 20, who played Timmy the living doll on the NBC-TV soap "Passions," shown in this undated hand photo, died unexpectedly Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2002, during a medical procedure at an undisclosed San Diego hospital."

Well I can't say I was a big fan and the kid creeped me out. But damn it midgets can be successful...


Trickery or "guerrilla" marketing?
Taking it to the street the Sony Ericsson Campaign tries to trick people into the product or are they just taking "guerrilla" marketing to a new level? I have to say I've gone to toy stores when I was working at HandsOnToys and promoted the product by cruising the construction toy isle and recommending the toys at HandsOn. I saw it as a direct way to create buzz. I don't think this is bad except for the fact that I told people I worked there and was a little more up front. Let's see how the media treats this one...


I've added a desktops section to the right column. Look over there ---->


The Stars and Stripes are BIG and BRIGHT!!!!
IN THE HEART OF TEXAS! As promised, here are the pictures from Texas taken at Siggraph San Antonio 2002!


Check out my weekend of fun with the crew from Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. I'm at Siggraph this week so enjoy this and when I get back pictures of Pee Wee's bike in the basement of the Alamo!

And this weird link... Beneath the Captains Clothes test



Harry Knowles - Why I hate him...
Simply read this review and know why he can't write, has no business even watching movies, and furthermore is a detriment to geeks everywhere. Check out this rant he calls a review for Eight Legged Freaks.

New Ultima Online Announced
Ultima Online: Age of Shadows anyone? I can't say I'll buy this one and try it out. It seems they have stopped saving characters for space reason so I'm sure old Detrious is not there any longer. However I really loved Ultima Online and I'm glad it's still going strong.

My New Skateboard
There is nothing more pathetic than an aging skateboarder but I have finally bitten the bullet and ordered a new board. After talking to several skate punks at several shops I am a "technical skatehead" and into new stuff. Interesting. I just feel old as hell when I talk to them but I look forward to getting new board (details of why I picked what coming soon). Here's the progress so far from out west...

Shipment History:
7/16/02 11 : 33 am Left Airborne Station. Wilmington, OH
7/12/02 4 : 24 pm Picked Up by Airborne. Shipper's Door
Clone Wars Anyone?
Gamespot has some new screens and info on the eagerly awaited game based on Episode II. Gamespot: The Clone Wars update


America's Army?
Well I had to try it. It seems the Army has released it's own Doom style game that has you go through basic training and then play kill the other guy. Well - the only thing I could get done was repeating target practice over and over and then I found myself in the brig. It had me saying to myself, "Welcome to America's Army!".

My god...is this the future of gaming? ;-)


From the Future
I'm going to start to take pictures an put down my thoughts about things I find that seem as if they are from the future. You know what I mean...like a monorail at the airport or green ketchup - the idea is novel and exciting unlike our boring world and the idea has not quite been accepted.

Blue French Fries
This week from the future I give you blue french fries and candles without fire! The french fries I picked up in the local Star Market and there are many other flavors as well - chocolate - apple pie - and of course the blues ones I ate with Maya.

The second little gem was discovered in Wired magazine some time ago but they just came in. They are battery powered candles called Candela. To tell you how amazing these little gems are would be to go on forever. We had a dinner party and people kept moving things around them as if they were real candles. Very cool. I hope to have more for the future as I discover things on my trips with Maya.Northampton Trip Pics
For those of you who didn't attend - here are the pics.Donnie Darko
Go rent this movie and see it. I have to say it's how I have viewed this world from time to time and how frustrated one person can get with it. The movie has a very solid point to make.


Ran the AIDS Run 5k in a new personal record time! 7:48 per mile average! WOO HOOO!!!

163 JAY BREWER 803 35/82 M3039 CAMBRIDGE MA 24:12 7:48


Kitchen Update
Here are the final pictures I promised over the weekend. Also you can take a look back and see the before and after...my god...it's full of stars.
I hope you've enjoyed the whole process. I've learned a ton. I'll put up some pics soon with some actual food being made in the new kitchen. ;-)


Kitchen Update
We're nearly done! I'll have tons of pics later today or early tomorrow showing the old, in progress, and new kitchen! We had dinner last night and it was simply amazing to eat at our place again with friends.

To tide you over here are some cool links for Sunday AM reading...


Kitchen Update
We finally have countertops! Got home last night and they were still installing them. They look amazing. I can't wait to use them for a little cooking. If all goes well now we may have a functioning done looking great kitchen on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed!


Want to know more about the next Joss Whedon outing - check out the new Firefly pics that wre just released at FIREFLYFANS.NET.
Epidsode II - Charity Review
Not that I need to review a charity event per se but the event was one of the best run charity events I've ever been to. There were tons of people dressed up and the entire thing went really smoothly. The event was attended by really 3 groups of people: The Star Wars Nerds, The Boy&Girls Club kids, and rich people. If you check out the photos below you'll see little "Chauncy" perhaps the richest kid I've eve seen in knickers. ;-) The event was also attended by really fat and really skinny stormtroopers, at-at drivers, and imperial officers - and oh yeah - Boba "The Belly" Fett. Check out the pics for all the details.
Epidsode II - My Review (SOME SPOILERS)
I attended the charity screening preview event for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the clones yesterday...and it was amazing.
The movie is totally different than any other Star Wars movie to date. It has a sense of pace and exploration that I've never seen in any other Star Wars movie. You start your ride as you are thrown into the future 10 years later from Episode I and then at the end the whole movie has taken less than 3-5 days in movie time to complete. It's awesome.

The old familiar characters are back (Obi-wan, R2, Amidala) but little Anakin has grown up and he's kinda cranky. The Anakin crankiness drives the movie and you get to see how much of a bad ass he's going to become. Also, there is now a love interest between Amidala and Anakin that isn't too awful. And to top it all off, there is a ton of action that is easy to follow, intriguing to watch, and drives the plot forward.

I'm not going to go into great detail just yet...I need to see it at least 2 more times. But here's the deal....IT ROCKED. I'm a big Star Wars fan and I really liked this movie. Go see it. And if you can do me one favor, don't ask me how much better it was than the first one. The first movie was setting it all up. It is indeed better than the first movie if you liked it better. ;-)


Episode II
I am so excited tonight I will barely be able to sleep. Tomorrow, after many years waiting I will get to see Episode II! I think I am completely spoiler free minus seeing a few characters on the web and knowing a few review grades (I saw one review grade in EW last night!). If you see me this week you can feel free to ask me how the movie was but I won't tell you. I'm going to try and promote my spoiler free attitude to everyone I know.

How good will the movie be? I know it will be a great Star Wars film. Probably the second best out of the new trilogy. I'm pretty sure it will have a good deal of romance but mixed with some solid action. I also think the movie will showcase the Jedi and how powerful they can be and also how affected they are by the political mess that will be their downfall. That is all. I'll let you know how the premiere went and I will post pictures tomorrow night.
Kitchen Update
The new fridge is here! WOO HOOO! Check out the latest pics...
Beta Anyone?
GameSpot: Beta Test Center has opened or been open - not sure which. It has all the betas for upcoming games and it's also a great list to check for MMORPG stuff.

Mach3 Turbo
I bit the bullet finally and bought the new Mach3 Turbo. I have to say - NICE! Even though the whole thing is a racket (sp) it seems to be worth it. My shave was smooth and nick free. I also purchased some of the new Gillete shaving cream and was pleasantly surprised on how fresh my skin felt. ;-)

Kitchen Update
I should have lots of pictures later today on the kitchen. We get the fridge swapped out that didn't work and also the crown molding and other niceties are finally in. Today is also the day that our new bookcases get delivered. The only thing that kind of sucks about it is we really don't have anywhere to put them.


Daily Jaydar?
The JayDar is not travelling to the land of the Angels this year to attend E3, but I will keep you posted on cool E3 announcements. Check out this new Indy game for PS2, Xbox, and PC.


Kitchen Update
Looks like this week is spit and polish for the old kitchen. New fridge gets swapped out on 5/11/02 and the molding, trim, and other niceties are updated and finished Friday and Saturday. Next week sometime the countertops will go in and that is contingent on getting the replacement cabinet that is broken. I hope that gets resolved.

Episode II & Spider-man?
Well I saw Spider-man over the weekend and I have to say (box office gross aside) it was decent. I really enjoyed most of it and it didn't over or under deliver. Solid.

On the Episode II front I have secured tickets to the charity premiere on May 12th. What a fiasco it was too. The boys&girls club of Boston ran the charity and I finally got 3 tickets at $500 each after 2+ weeks of calls, emails, and other types of correspondence. Yeah - that's some bucks but saving 4 days of spoilers and people ruining the movie is worth on the order of 10 million dollars (doctor evil). Maya, Denis, and I are going and I can't wait to see it.

Check out this cool article on games you can link with your gameboy advance that only requires 1 cartridge: Game Boy: The Ultimate List: Multi-Boot Games

And oh yeah EverQuest II was announced. :-)


Jason Butler has found something very cool at Amazon using the Alexa technology. I'm not that high but not that low...jaybrewer.net ranks 6,735,638 for sites on the net. Interesting.


Music Update
I've added a new tune called "You Can't Stop It". I created it with a set of samples from some freeware music and the trusty mixman DM2. It's in MP3 format and available to all for FREE. ;-)
Kitchen Update
Not much to update. All the cabinets are in except for one that's in place - it's a little broken and will be replaced prior to the granite getting installed. We have swapped out the fridge and that will be delivered on 5/11/02. I hope that goes well and should I think. The cool thing is that day our new bookshelves are delivered as well. Should be a very busy day!

Funny Story
On Friday I took a trip to Lawrence, MA to attend a meeting for work at Affinnova. We got there a little early and decided we would go to McDonald's. The minute we took a step out of the car, the entire world started to look like something from the Twilight Zone.

There was a group of mentally challenged folks in two cars who were taking round trips between their cars and the inside of the restaurant. We walked on pass not trying to make an issue as they brushed pass us but it was indeed odd. They all had handlers but the sheer number of them was overwhelming the handlers. Needless to say this wasn't the meat of the story by any means.

When we arrived at the counter there was quite a scene going on. Some woman who was making apple pies kept yelling out uncontrollably and singing some weird song in Spanish. She then proceeded to drop an entire cookie sheet on the floor of pies and picked them up off the floor and put them into boxes to sell. YUCK! At the same moment she was doing this and singing the manager picked up the coffee that my friend had ordered and wiped it off on this shirt to get the excess coffee on the side. YUCK!

So now I was totally grossed out but there was little I could do so I actually took a few bites out of my Big Mac. After the second bite I noticed that some guy who looked like Elvis was dancing near the pay phone in front of our car. WHAT??? He had a boombox on top of the payphone and was dancing right along.

At this point there is still a ton of mentally challenged people running in and out of the restaurant and they are also now lining up for the bathroom. They are nervously waiting for the person to leave and it looks like the person is in there for the long haul. Meanwhile, Elvis has started to become the target of a new set of foes in this arena of madness.

A group of latino teenagers on BMX bikes are circling the parking lot and Elvis taunting him and also just staring. Elvis is a little upset with this and that's when I notice that across the street is a sub shop - King's SUBS. I'm like - NO WAY! They can't really have hired this guy to dance there? Could they?

Well the answer comes soon enough as Elvis bails on the dancing, grabs his stuff, and proceeds into the McDonald's saying, "Elvis has entered the building!" He then walks right past the people who are lined up to go into the bathroom and goes in and shuts and locks the door. They are pissed! And that's when I said, "Let's get out of here!". And we did.


Kitchen Update
Well we had a little problem with the kitchen finally. The fridge we bought doesn't work where the kitchen designer had put it. DOH! Well the fact is we bought a side by side and the designer had always had a top / bottom fridge in the same place, so when we went to open the fridge door on the freezer side - no go. I was initially a tad bit pissed but decided that we could just swap out the fridge for a top / bottom. We called up Sears and they will swap it out no problem. The fridge pics aren't in this clip but I will set up some later this week.

On a positive note the granite template is done and all the cabinets are in place. The rest of the appliances are here as well so it's about 3 weeks before we wrap it up. Not So Random Links
I've got two Star Wars links one on Star Wars Film Fan Movies and the other on the new galaxies game Star Wars Galaxies - Animating the Characters.

Xbox Update
Looks like Mr. Blackley is getting cold feet early on. With European and Asian sales sucking major ass he has decided to leave Microsoft. It is also worth noting that the Dreamcast is outselling the Xbox currently in Japan and is considered a dead console. Too funny!


Kitchen Update
The cabinets have been delivered and the only thing that I couldn't find was the sink and faucet. I think they might be there but if not that could put a wrinkle in the schedule as the granite guy needs them for Friday. I will track them down today.


Kitchen Update
Things are moving right along with the kitchen. I forgot to take pictures last night of the kitchen just painted. DOH! But the color we picked out looks really good. Today the cabinets should be installed or part of them at least. I predict a couple of damaged cabinets and perhaps some doors or parts missing. Who knows. They should all be in by tomorrow afternoon.Fun Update
Midnight Madness went really well last night at 12am. Denis & Keith scored all the latest figures. I'm not collecting the Episode II figures but it is still fun to go and help score a ton of them for friends. I think once you see the pictures you'll see how nuts true fans really are.


Kitchen Update
I should have pics of the newly "painted" kitchen later today or first thing tomorrow morning. Cabinets are going in tomorrow and hopefully the appliances will get delivered without a hitch on Thursday followed by the template/granite guru coming on Friday. Fingers are *crossed*.

Fun Update
Going to the Midnight Madness Episode II toy release at TRU tonight with Denis! 12pm - Peabody TRU. There will be pics and details tomorrow.

What is Midnight Madness? "Toys "R" Us will open early on Tuesday, April 23-at 12:01am to sell Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones merchandise to collectors and Star Wars fans. The store will also have a feature shop dedicated to the merchandise complete with one-of-a-kind life-size mannequins of characters and a light saber from the movie and authentic visual displays. Also, Toys "R" Us will offer the following gift with purchase offer: With every $50 Hasbro purchase, guests will receive Star Wars, The Action Figure Archive (edited by Stephen J. Sansweet with Josh Ling)--a great collector book. AND the first 35 customers (with $50 Hasbro purchase)--will receive an authentic signed copy of the book."


We are almost to paint stage and the cabinets go in on Tuesday.
On the "Reuse/Recycle" front. Google has created Google Answers. Abuzz was kind of link this and so was Human Search which came prior. Maybe they can do the Q&A thing and make it work.

No Random links or stuff for the weekend just lots of good links to enjoy.


Since it's been a quiet week for news (more kitchen pics are coming) I thought I would go straight old school with a hands on preview of the soon to be released Buffy the Vampire Slayer Xbox game. It's looking good!


Not much Kitchen news today but I do have some killer links.
Random Link Blog of the Day


Kitchen Update
Check out Kitchen Part IV - 041002 for some groovy pics of what's going on.

And Dave has sent in this gem of a link entitled, "I'm a Cow".

Random Link & Blog of the Day.


Kitchen now is full of holes and the electrics are roughed in. Check out Kitchen Part III - 040902 for full disclosure. When we got home we couldn't even get into the kitchen! It was all blocked off and full of stuff. DOH! I hope I can do some laundry this weekend. It looks like the plumber may have been back as well and they may have gotten the water for the fridge from the source near the washer and dryer. No worries. That's where they were supposed to get it and the fridge has an entire filtration system and purifier. OH YEAH!

Bathroom Break, Boss? Jason Butler always has something interesting to read over at jpbutler.com. Bathroom Break, Boss? is one of the more interesting I've read in a long time.

Linked off of BBBoss is this gem, writings and ramblings. My god I don't know if any of my faithful readers know but I was the Chief designer at abuzz.com. After reading writings and ramblings I can only imagine what would have happened without our moderators.

Random Link & Blog of the Day


Kitchen is going well! We arrived home last night and the old kitchen was just gone. Our contractor Matt Matheson did a fanastic job with almost no dust to speak of anywhere in the condo. NICE! The appliances are moved out front and we are pretty excited about seeing the old walls and former "kitchens" that were there before.

If you look at the second set of photos in the links below you'll see the old floor and the old wallpaper etc. from the 1930's and earlier. There has been at least 2 kitchens in there before us. Totally wild.Kitchen Crisis of the Day
Contractor called and the fridge we picked out is 1/4" too large to fit through the entryway! DOH! We need to rip off some sheet rock so it will fit and be 29 1/2" in width. So now we can't donate the all the appliances this week and have the new ones delivered. He doesn't want to have to move and take off the doors on the new fridge himself and be responsible. So I called and resheduled the delivery and he's going to do all the finish work except the door frame until the 25th so then when Sears delivers the appliances they will cart them through the doorway and install them and he won't have to bother. Nice.

Gaming News
Everquest for PS2!!! I knew it! I have been saying if they didn't do this with the broadband then they were indeed nuts. This will keep the PS2 and any other system in business that Sony makes over the next 10 years. If Sony keep up backwards compatibility they all future PlayStations will be able to access and play EQ. They can then make newer versions for each system and keep growing the base and eventually merge all the MMORPG stuff together.

Fun Links
Blog of the day: All that Glitters And of course the Random Link


Welcome to another Monday here on the planet Earth.

I'm very excited this week about something other than work, games, or even the next Star Wars movie - our kitchen is finally under construction! That's right over the next 1.5 months more things will go wrong than right. I'll eat Lean Cuisines until I'm blue in the face because we will have no sink, no appliances, and no fridge (well that's not entirely true we will have a fridge but will be without one for several days here and there).

The crux of the issue is the majority of the kitchen will be finished on the 25th but without countertops we will have no sink. And they can't measure and template the countertops unless they have the cabinets in place. So that put the final kitchen 2-3 weeks after the contractor finishes the work. DOH!

Yesterday and Saturday Maya and I cleaned out the entire kitchen and it was almost like moving except for the fact that we moved most stuff to the back porch and wrapped it in plastic for the next 1.5 months. I will be putting up pictures later tonight if iPhoto doesn't act up any longer (couldn't connect over the weekend) and show you the before, the middle, and the after, and perhaps a little after the after.

Here's the rough schedule:
  • April 8th-16th: Tear out cabinets and do wiring/plumbing

  • April 12th: Appliances removed

  • April 14th: Appliances Delivered

  • April 18th-25: Install Cabinets and paint - etc.

  • April 25 - Mid May: Countertops

  • Finish Date: 15th May or 21st?
Fun Links
Today's Blog of the fun: Yummy Pi and of course the treasured Random Link! (it's back and in Blog form!


Asheron's Call Screens
6 New Screens from Asheron's Call can be found at GameSpy. This game looks great - but will it still suffer from the Vassal system and other items that have made it unique to the MMORPG world but hard to grasp for a casual player? Will there actually be real towns and monsters to deal with and not large open spaces of nothing but trees? ;-) Let's hope so.

Myst Mini-Series?
D'NI Guild has some interesting news regarding the Myst games being turned into a 4 hour mini-series. Don't get me wrong - I love Myst, Riven, and Exhile (though not to play them - just to look at them) but I can't imagine this being anything but extremely boring. However I'm willing to give it a chance if the visuals and story of Myst are put into full effect. The Myst games do have a great story I'm just not convinced that it will translate to a 4 hour mini-series.

And finally Gamespot has started another series on Games That Should Be Remade.


Over at ComputerWorld there's a gem of a review "Java creator Gosling says .Net falls short of expectations" - Big Surprise. ;-)

Also PC Games has some Dungeon Siege First Impressions to share. Sounds like Diablo all over again to me no matter what they say. Okay, I'll buy it.


Bioware has extensive information in FAQ form on Neverwinter Nights. If you want to geek out and get up to date on the game that will rock the D&D world - go read it.

Today I've got a dentist appointment but I do get a little Jedi Knight II: Outcast playing in before I have to go. So far the game is exceptional and really updates the classic Jedi Knight.

Runs so far this week:
3.5 miles - 28mins 032802
2 miles - 16.5mins 032602


Bioware has finally started to take pre-orders for Neverwinter Nights. I can guarantee it won't ship on 06/whatever/02 and if it does - I'll play it! ;-)

Game Developers Conference 2002 is in progress and I really wish I could be there. Both Gamespy and Gamasutra have some decent coverage.

The Sims overtakes Myst finally after all these years. 6.4 million copies does it and it's a shame that Cyan hasn't turned out Mudpie or another brillant game.

Want to watch some video game developers that will make you sick to your stomach? Check out GameSpot Live - Where the Magic Happens: Behind Closed Doors at Westwood Studios. My god...


Another Friday and tons of games to look at. I think I might spend an average of an hour or two some days just reading previews, watching, previews, and figuring out if any game in the next 3 months at any given time will be interesting. Gamespot has a decent preview of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. I don't think I'll buy it but I may rent it. As I move into my early 30s I'm realizing that 50 bucks for a game is a lot of cash and some things are better off rented and enjoyed for that one night you'll enjoy it.

Resident Evil for Gamecube is shaping up to be a very solid title. They have completely remade the original and some of opening scenes look quite interesting. I am fighting from deep within my scaredy pants self to see if I'm really going to buy this game or not. It really depends on whether Denis will want to drive and have me point out things. I lose my shit too easily when playing games of the Resident Evil type.

On a sadder note it looks like the Gameboy Advance just keeps getting crappy games. To make you laugh and explain my point I provide you with the following gem titles: Mary-Kate and Ashley Girls Night Out (what are they thinking), Muppet Pinball Mayhem (you know this will be about as much fun as watching the "NEW MUPPET SHOW"), and Urban Yeti! (which may actually be a sleeper hit of 2002).


Currently I'm obsessed with Samurai Jack. It is simply the best cartoon I have ever seen. It has the pace of the old Bugs Bunny and the attention to detail of Ocean's 11. The main character is one of the most intelligent cartoon creations of all time. Watch it.

I stumbled upon the Lomo Kompakt Automat Camera at Amazon.com and have wondered if it is indeed another gadget I don't need. Currently I have a new S30 from Cannon and have been enjoying that for pics but keep forgetting to take them. Maybe I'll get better at remembering to take some photos.

Gamespot has a great Gaming Graveyard Feature that should keep you in check from taking any gaming job.



I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised about the upcoming Scooby Doo movie. The trailer is not that bad and I think the shortcomings will be in the other characters like Velma, Fred and Daphne. Freddy Prince as Fred is one of the worst choices I've ever seen for casting but the trailer does entertain and have some great moments with Shag and Scoob.

As far as my St. Patrick's Day 4 mile race (An Ras Mor 4 Miler), I did pretty damn good!
PLACE NAME                AGE S NO.   CITY            DIV/TOT  ST C F time    PACE

409 JAY BREWER 30 M 234 CAMBRIDGE 208/266 MA 36:48 9:12
498 WILLIAM PLOWMAN 33 M 491 SOMERVILLE 230/266 MA 38:46 9:42
324 RICHARD COOK 28 M 225 SOMERVILLE 174/266 MA 35:13 8:49
97 DEVON CAREW 28 M 129 SOMERVILLE 66/266 MA 29:32 7:23

The course was fun and somewhat hilly and Rich, Devon, and Plowman all did great! Devon's time was amazing! Thanks to Devon for motivating us to get it done and get out there. I plan on doing the Aids run and some others this year - so stay tuned.


Well I may not be turning 70 but I did just turn 30. This weekend if you didn't know it I'm running my first race. It's a 4 mile hilly / quirky race in Davis Square in Somerville, MA. Wish me luck. I found this little running gem to give me some inspiration and a few laughs. 7 Things I Learned While Running 7 Marathons in 7 Months to Celebrate me 70th Birthday

Monkey thoughts control computer? Well it's true. They've finally wired one of us monkeys into a computer to play video games. I like the fact that it was video games not some other finer form of computer interaction. I can't wait for that plug in the back of my neck. Thanks to Dave for sending this one in.


Today Boba Fett is anxiously awaiting my return to Warwick Park.

The Legendary Gary Gygax provides us with an amazing interview over at kcgeek.com. Nice stuff there. I remember being in 7th grade playind D&D with my main man Josh Ambrutis and thinking that Gary Gygax must have looked exactly like the Efrite Lord on the cover of the Dungeon Master's Guide.


WebCam is up. My god I don't know why I'm adding one for a month but what the hell. Too funny.
I walked to work this AM listening to the soundtrack to Riven and realized just how much impact the music has on the game experience. Though the gameplay of the Myst series really can be annoying - the experience of wandering around and just being immersed isn't. The tight connection between the music and the visuals really made the experience a "real memory" versus a "game memory".

There has been a lot of news concerning Mudpie - the next Myst. It's a massive multiplayer online game that will allow users to build communities and other items online together and also explore the world. I wouldn't expect any hack and slash - though I would expect music trades and other storytelling tools for Mudpie. Let's hope the name is reflective of making mud pies with friends when you are little.


Welcome to yet another weird weather weekend. It's still unseasonably warm here in the Northeast. I'm sure that global warming is true - I'm sure of it! ;-)

Oh well a nice Sat/Sunday morning reading can be had over at Gamespy. Check out Gamespy's 20 Most Influential People in Gaming. Tim Sweeney really stands out in the article as someone who really doesn't get that much credit. He is the engineer behind the Unreal Engine. John Carmack of ID usually gets all the press with the Quake engine stuff but I think Sweeney is on equal footing.


I've updated my Atmosphere World again adding some more sharks and linking up three sub-worlds (including WAR WORLD!). I want to add that creating this little world has been a buggy process. The Atosphere Builder is very beta and the integration with Viewpoint is not stellar. The whole concept though does show promise and I look forward to the full release.

Two amazing previews at IGN Cube regarding Mario Sunshine and Metroid for Gamecube. Both games are looking like real system sellers and I can't wait to play Metroid after finding out it has both 3rd and 1st person views.

On a sad note we have to say goodbye to Be Incorporated. They are finally calling it quits even though they kind of already did when they sold off their intellectual property to Palm. Though sad that they didn't make the Be OS the OS of choice this should cheer up all the remaining users of the Be OS.

And in Movie news looks as if New Line is finally going to release JASON X. After watching the trailer I don't think I'll be adding this to my cheesy movies of March marathon.


It was a busy day for old Macromedia. It looks as if they are throwing all their eggs into Flash. There is not going to be a Flash 6 but Macromedia will now launch a new branded Flash MX on March 15th. To get up to visit Flash MX over at Web Monkey or check out the Flash MX Review at Flash Kit. All I can say is - hold judgement until about 6 months from now when you see what developers actually make with the damn thing. Macromedia claims better "usability" baked in - I think with the included video and mp3 support - Flash will continue to be a mixed bag nightmare.

Asheron's Call at ign is a decent read about a promising old but reborn MMORPG. Can you say "WHAT????" There are so many things that Turbine is claiming is in AC2 and one gem is "rebuilding a destroyed world". I suggest you read it to find out my sense of wonder.

And for fun, Joshua sent in Google Holiday Logos. Very cool. ;-)


Well I have to say a new computer desk with all the wires hidden makes a man happy. ;-) After a long day of moving furniture taking stuff to the basement, building furniture, and all around moving in again - the second bedroom is a success. All the wires and things that used to drive me nuts are gone. CPUs are off the floor and the router and various other items are totally hidden and tucked away. I LOVE IT.

The new desk from Crate and Barrel (yes....yes I know...) is great. It hides all the keyboard and USB stuff flawlessly. If I had a new iMac I wouldn't have the problem and oh yeah - 2 big ass pcs but the desk handled the task with ease.

The only issue I had was with my Apple Airport. I had moved it from one wall to another location and the signal strength was really low and sometimes my Powerbook would drop the signal all together. Well, after reading the help about multicast rate and density, I restarted the Airport with a channel of 5 and high multicast rate. And - WHAM! Full signal strength. I am now producing this weblog from the couch in the living room on my TiBook in style.


Well another weekend and more home improvement projects. We have just repainted our second bedroom a rather stunning yellow and I'm now sitting in it with the make shift computer desk basking in its rays. I really like it.

For your weekend enjoyment I give you an honest read entitled, "My Very Secret MacOSX Diary".

And another gem sent from my main man Miner. CNN.com - Robots do the milking at some U.S. farms - March 1, 2002


Here's a sweet little tidbit from New York Times. Looks like they got caught with their pants down. ;-)

SecurityFocus home news: New York Times Internal Network Hacked "We are actively investigating a potential security breach," wrote Times spokesperson Christine Mohan. "Based on the results of this investigation we will take appropriate steps to ensure the security of our network."

My good friend David Della Bitta has sent me some killer links. The first is from Highlander online : Kalisto Entertainment. The game avatar creator is simply amazing. And the game looks like it could be impressive though details are limited.

Dave also sent me an exhaustive list of Persistent online worlds. I am totally into creating my own little Atmosphere world and after things settle down at my place in Cambridge (painting, wiring, kitchen makeover - etc.) I hope to have more time to spend and do something very groovy.

In Futurama news: If Fox would just stop f**king around with the damn show and air it maybe they would see how interested people are in the show. Gamespot has an interesting tid bit on the upcoming Futurama game: GameSpot: Video Games News: Futurama games coming this year


Avault has a brief "press release" article from Microsoft that details all their games for the next year. Check out what they have in store for us (those evil bastards).

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is coming out soon on DVD. I suggest you get your credit card out and burn the best whole you could possibly burn in your DVD budget. This movie rocks for the die hard Kevin Smith fan.


Jason Butler has mentioned on his weblog. I suggest you check it out. From books, real web stuff, travel, movies, and actual things going on in the real world - Butler delivers the goods.

Nintendo Power Online has a new cover for this month of Nintendo Power and I must say it's a tad disturbing. I never thought I would see Sonic the Hedgehog on the cover of a Nintendo magazine. There just has to be people at Sega who toss and turn nightly that they have sold their soul to a lesser devil. However, Sega has never in my opinion made great hardware minus Genesis and Dreamcast. They just had too many misfires in the console space.

Over at Gamespot there is a nifty article on a game from Universal Interactive. This game promises that you can make your very own Jurassic Park. I don't know about you but I do know this is the only reason I like the movies, "HOW THE HELL COULD THEY BUILD A PARK LIKE THAT!" If this game in any way captures some of the wonder of creating such a park I will enjoy it. Likely outcome: Not likely.


Those folks down at Turbine are smoking their own crack again (however it is looking to be sweet crack!). Check out this article on their next engine. Turbine Entertainment Software / Technology

I have to say I'm looking forward to viewing the next post Seinfeld offering. Here's a great read at Salon. There's a Lot of Elaine in This Star's New Sitcom

Well after making some adjustments to the way I export the files I have created a creature inside my first world. I used this article: Viewpoint objects inside Atmosphere to find out what the hell I was doing wrong.


I have added an Adobe Atmosphere World to my site. Check it out here. I hope to publish items to it and also add avatars and other goodness in there as an ongoing project. So far there is not much there but in the future I'll be adding fish, space ships, and other cool stuff.

I also found a really interesting article on the creation of Multiplayer games at ArenaNet. If you like in-depth articles for anything game related then also check out Gamasutra.


Today the condo is being rewired after finding out some nasty things going on with the circuits in the bathroom, living room, and bedrooms. This is probably the best place for learning about wiring on the net. Handyman Wire