Another Friday and tons of games to look at. I think I might spend an average of an hour or two some days just reading previews, watching, previews, and figuring out if any game in the next 3 months at any given time will be interesting. Gamespot has a decent preview of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. I don't think I'll buy it but I may rent it. As I move into my early 30s I'm realizing that 50 bucks for a game is a lot of cash and some things are better off rented and enjoyed for that one night you'll enjoy it.

Resident Evil for Gamecube is shaping up to be a very solid title. They have completely remade the original and some of opening scenes look quite interesting. I am fighting from deep within my scaredy pants self to see if I'm really going to buy this game or not. It really depends on whether Denis will want to drive and have me point out things. I lose my shit too easily when playing games of the Resident Evil type.

On a sadder note it looks like the Gameboy Advance just keeps getting crappy games. To make you laugh and explain my point I provide you with the following gem titles: Mary-Kate and Ashley Girls Night Out (what are they thinking), Muppet Pinball Mayhem (you know this will be about as much fun as watching the "NEW MUPPET SHOW"), and Urban Yeti! (which may actually be a sleeper hit of 2002).

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