Here's a sweet little tidbit from New York Times. Looks like they got caught with their pants down. ;-)

SecurityFocus home news: New York Times Internal Network Hacked "We are actively investigating a potential security breach," wrote Times spokesperson Christine Mohan. "Based on the results of this investigation we will take appropriate steps to ensure the security of our network."

My good friend David Della Bitta has sent me some killer links. The first is from Highlander online : Kalisto Entertainment. The game avatar creator is simply amazing. And the game looks like it could be impressive though details are limited.

Dave also sent me an exhaustive list of Persistent online worlds. I am totally into creating my own little Atmosphere world and after things settle down at my place in Cambridge (painting, wiring, kitchen makeover - etc.) I hope to have more time to spend and do something very groovy.

In Futurama news: If Fox would just stop f**king around with the damn show and air it maybe they would see how interested people are in the show. Gamespot has an interesting tid bit on the upcoming Futurama game: GameSpot: Video Games News: Futurama games coming this year

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