I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised about the upcoming Scooby Doo movie. The trailer is not that bad and I think the shortcomings will be in the other characters like Velma, Fred and Daphne. Freddy Prince as Fred is one of the worst choices I've ever seen for casting but the trailer does entertain and have some great moments with Shag and Scoob.

As far as my St. Patrick's Day 4 mile race (An Ras Mor 4 Miler), I did pretty damn good!
PLACE NAME                AGE S NO.   CITY            DIV/TOT  ST C F time    PACE

409 JAY BREWER 30 M 234 CAMBRIDGE 208/266 MA 36:48 9:12
498 WILLIAM PLOWMAN 33 M 491 SOMERVILLE 230/266 MA 38:46 9:42
324 RICHARD COOK 28 M 225 SOMERVILLE 174/266 MA 35:13 8:49
97 DEVON CAREW 28 M 129 SOMERVILLE 66/266 MA 29:32 7:23

The course was fun and somewhat hilly and Rich, Devon, and Plowman all did great! Devon's time was amazing! Thanks to Devon for motivating us to get it done and get out there. I plan on doing the Aids run and some others this year - so stay tuned.

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