It was a busy day for old Macromedia. It looks as if they are throwing all their eggs into Flash. There is not going to be a Flash 6 but Macromedia will now launch a new branded Flash MX on March 15th. To get up to visit Flash MX over at Web Monkey or check out the Flash MX Review at Flash Kit. All I can say is - hold judgement until about 6 months from now when you see what developers actually make with the damn thing. Macromedia claims better "usability" baked in - I think with the included video and mp3 support - Flash will continue to be a mixed bag nightmare.

Asheron's Call at ign is a decent read about a promising old but reborn MMORPG. Can you say "WHAT????" There are so many things that Turbine is claiming is in AC2 and one gem is "rebuilding a destroyed world". I suggest you read it to find out my sense of wonder.

And for fun, Joshua sent in Google Holiday Logos. Very cool. ;-)

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