I've updated my Atmosphere World again adding some more sharks and linking up three sub-worlds (including WAR WORLD!). I want to add that creating this little world has been a buggy process. The Atosphere Builder is very beta and the integration with Viewpoint is not stellar. The whole concept though does show promise and I look forward to the full release.

Two amazing previews at IGN Cube regarding Mario Sunshine and Metroid for Gamecube. Both games are looking like real system sellers and I can't wait to play Metroid after finding out it has both 3rd and 1st person views.

On a sad note we have to say goodbye to Be Incorporated. They are finally calling it quits even though they kind of already did when they sold off their intellectual property to Palm. Though sad that they didn't make the Be OS the OS of choice this should cheer up all the remaining users of the Be OS.

And in Movie news looks as if New Line is finally going to release JASON X. After watching the trailer I don't think I'll be adding this to my cheesy movies of March marathon.

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