Well I have to say a new computer desk with all the wires hidden makes a man happy. ;-) After a long day of moving furniture taking stuff to the basement, building furniture, and all around moving in again - the second bedroom is a success. All the wires and things that used to drive me nuts are gone. CPUs are off the floor and the router and various other items are totally hidden and tucked away. I LOVE IT.

The new desk from Crate and Barrel (yes....yes I know...) is great. It hides all the keyboard and USB stuff flawlessly. If I had a new iMac I wouldn't have the problem and oh yeah - 2 big ass pcs but the desk handled the task with ease.

The only issue I had was with my Apple Airport. I had moved it from one wall to another location and the signal strength was really low and sometimes my Powerbook would drop the signal all together. Well, after reading the help about multicast rate and density, I restarted the Airport with a channel of 5 and high multicast rate. And - WHAM! Full signal strength. I am now producing this weblog from the couch in the living room on my TiBook in style.

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