Asheron's Call Screens
6 New Screens from Asheron's Call can be found at GameSpy. This game looks great - but will it still suffer from the Vassal system and other items that have made it unique to the MMORPG world but hard to grasp for a casual player? Will there actually be real towns and monsters to deal with and not large open spaces of nothing but trees? ;-) Let's hope so.

Myst Mini-Series?
D'NI Guild has some interesting news regarding the Myst games being turned into a 4 hour mini-series. Don't get me wrong - I love Myst, Riven, and Exhile (though not to play them - just to look at them) but I can't imagine this being anything but extremely boring. However I'm willing to give it a chance if the visuals and story of Myst are put into full effect. The Myst games do have a great story I'm just not convinced that it will translate to a 4 hour mini-series.

And finally Gamespot has started another series on Games That Should Be Remade.

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