Kitchen is going well! We arrived home last night and the old kitchen was just gone. Our contractor Matt Matheson did a fanastic job with almost no dust to speak of anywhere in the condo. NICE! The appliances are moved out front and we are pretty excited about seeing the old walls and former "kitchens" that were there before.

If you look at the second set of photos in the links below you'll see the old floor and the old wallpaper etc. from the 1930's and earlier. There has been at least 2 kitchens in there before us. Totally wild.Kitchen Crisis of the Day
Contractor called and the fridge we picked out is 1/4" too large to fit through the entryway! DOH! We need to rip off some sheet rock so it will fit and be 29 1/2" in width. So now we can't donate the all the appliances this week and have the new ones delivered. He doesn't want to have to move and take off the doors on the new fridge himself and be responsible. So I called and resheduled the delivery and he's going to do all the finish work except the door frame until the 25th so then when Sears delivers the appliances they will cart them through the doorway and install them and he won't have to bother. Nice.

Gaming News
Everquest for PS2!!! I knew it! I have been saying if they didn't do this with the broadband then they were indeed nuts. This will keep the PS2 and any other system in business that Sony makes over the next 10 years. If Sony keep up backwards compatibility they all future PlayStations will be able to access and play EQ. They can then make newer versions for each system and keep growing the base and eventually merge all the MMORPG stuff together.

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