Kitchen now is full of holes and the electrics are roughed in. Check out Kitchen Part III - 040902 for full disclosure. When we got home we couldn't even get into the kitchen! It was all blocked off and full of stuff. DOH! I hope I can do some laundry this weekend. It looks like the plumber may have been back as well and they may have gotten the water for the fridge from the source near the washer and dryer. No worries. That's where they were supposed to get it and the fridge has an entire filtration system and purifier. OH YEAH!

Bathroom Break, Boss? Jason Butler always has something interesting to read over at jpbutler.com. Bathroom Break, Boss? is one of the more interesting I've read in a long time.

Linked off of BBBoss is this gem, writings and ramblings. My god I don't know if any of my faithful readers know but I was the Chief designer at abuzz.com. After reading writings and ramblings I can only imagine what would have happened without our moderators.

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