Kitchen Update
Not much to update. All the cabinets are in except for one that's in place - it's a little broken and will be replaced prior to the granite getting installed. We have swapped out the fridge and that will be delivered on 5/11/02. I hope that goes well and should I think. The cool thing is that day our new bookshelves are delivered as well. Should be a very busy day!

Funny Story
On Friday I took a trip to Lawrence, MA to attend a meeting for work at Affinnova. We got there a little early and decided we would go to McDonald's. The minute we took a step out of the car, the entire world started to look like something from the Twilight Zone.

There was a group of mentally challenged folks in two cars who were taking round trips between their cars and the inside of the restaurant. We walked on pass not trying to make an issue as they brushed pass us but it was indeed odd. They all had handlers but the sheer number of them was overwhelming the handlers. Needless to say this wasn't the meat of the story by any means.

When we arrived at the counter there was quite a scene going on. Some woman who was making apple pies kept yelling out uncontrollably and singing some weird song in Spanish. She then proceeded to drop an entire cookie sheet on the floor of pies and picked them up off the floor and put them into boxes to sell. YUCK! At the same moment she was doing this and singing the manager picked up the coffee that my friend had ordered and wiped it off on this shirt to get the excess coffee on the side. YUCK!

So now I was totally grossed out but there was little I could do so I actually took a few bites out of my Big Mac. After the second bite I noticed that some guy who looked like Elvis was dancing near the pay phone in front of our car. WHAT??? He had a boombox on top of the payphone and was dancing right along.

At this point there is still a ton of mentally challenged people running in and out of the restaurant and they are also now lining up for the bathroom. They are nervously waiting for the person to leave and it looks like the person is in there for the long haul. Meanwhile, Elvis has started to become the target of a new set of foes in this arena of madness.

A group of latino teenagers on BMX bikes are circling the parking lot and Elvis taunting him and also just staring. Elvis is a little upset with this and that's when I notice that across the street is a sub shop - King's SUBS. I'm like - NO WAY! They can't really have hired this guy to dance there? Could they?

Well the answer comes soon enough as Elvis bails on the dancing, grabs his stuff, and proceeds into the McDonald's saying, "Elvis has entered the building!" He then walks right past the people who are lined up to go into the bathroom and goes in and shuts and locks the door. They are pissed! And that's when I said, "Let's get out of here!". And we did.

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