Kitchen Update
Well we had a little problem with the kitchen finally. The fridge we bought doesn't work where the kitchen designer had put it. DOH! Well the fact is we bought a side by side and the designer had always had a top / bottom fridge in the same place, so when we went to open the fridge door on the freezer side - no go. I was initially a tad bit pissed but decided that we could just swap out the fridge for a top / bottom. We called up Sears and they will swap it out no problem. The fridge pics aren't in this clip but I will set up some later this week.

On a positive note the granite template is done and all the cabinets are in place. The rest of the appliances are here as well so it's about 3 weeks before we wrap it up. Not So Random Links
I've got two Star Wars links one on Star Wars Film Fan Movies and the other on the new galaxies game Star Wars Galaxies - Animating the Characters.

Xbox Update
Looks like Mr. Blackley is getting cold feet early on. With European and Asian sales sucking major ass he has decided to leave Microsoft. It is also worth noting that the Dreamcast is outselling the Xbox currently in Japan and is considered a dead console. Too funny!

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