Welcome to another Monday here on the planet Earth.

I'm very excited this week about something other than work, games, or even the next Star Wars movie - our kitchen is finally under construction! That's right over the next 1.5 months more things will go wrong than right. I'll eat Lean Cuisines until I'm blue in the face because we will have no sink, no appliances, and no fridge (well that's not entirely true we will have a fridge but will be without one for several days here and there).

The crux of the issue is the majority of the kitchen will be finished on the 25th but without countertops we will have no sink. And they can't measure and template the countertops unless they have the cabinets in place. So that put the final kitchen 2-3 weeks after the contractor finishes the work. DOH!

Yesterday and Saturday Maya and I cleaned out the entire kitchen and it was almost like moving except for the fact that we moved most stuff to the back porch and wrapped it in plastic for the next 1.5 months. I will be putting up pictures later tonight if iPhoto doesn't act up any longer (couldn't connect over the weekend) and show you the before, the middle, and the after, and perhaps a little after the after.

Here's the rough schedule:
  • April 8th-16th: Tear out cabinets and do wiring/plumbing

  • April 12th: Appliances removed

  • April 14th: Appliances Delivered

  • April 18th-25: Install Cabinets and paint - etc.

  • April 25 - Mid May: Countertops

  • Finish Date: 15th May or 21st?
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