Epidsode II - Charity Review
Not that I need to review a charity event per se but the event was one of the best run charity events I've ever been to. There were tons of people dressed up and the entire thing went really smoothly. The event was attended by really 3 groups of people: The Star Wars Nerds, The Boy&Girls Club kids, and rich people. If you check out the photos below you'll see little "Chauncy" perhaps the richest kid I've eve seen in knickers. ;-) The event was also attended by really fat and really skinny stormtroopers, at-at drivers, and imperial officers - and oh yeah - Boba "The Belly" Fett. Check out the pics for all the details.
Epidsode II - My Review (SOME SPOILERS)
I attended the charity screening preview event for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the clones yesterday...and it was amazing.
The movie is totally different than any other Star Wars movie to date. It has a sense of pace and exploration that I've never seen in any other Star Wars movie. You start your ride as you are thrown into the future 10 years later from Episode I and then at the end the whole movie has taken less than 3-5 days in movie time to complete. It's awesome.

The old familiar characters are back (Obi-wan, R2, Amidala) but little Anakin has grown up and he's kinda cranky. The Anakin crankiness drives the movie and you get to see how much of a bad ass he's going to become. Also, there is now a love interest between Amidala and Anakin that isn't too awful. And to top it all off, there is a ton of action that is easy to follow, intriguing to watch, and drives the plot forward.

I'm not going to go into great detail just yet...I need to see it at least 2 more times. But here's the deal....IT ROCKED. I'm a big Star Wars fan and I really liked this movie. Go see it. And if you can do me one favor, don't ask me how much better it was than the first one. The first movie was setting it all up. It is indeed better than the first movie if you liked it better. ;-)

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