Kitchen Update
Looks like this week is spit and polish for the old kitchen. New fridge gets swapped out on 5/11/02 and the molding, trim, and other niceties are updated and finished Friday and Saturday. Next week sometime the countertops will go in and that is contingent on getting the replacement cabinet that is broken. I hope that gets resolved.

Episode II & Spider-man?
Well I saw Spider-man over the weekend and I have to say (box office gross aside) it was decent. I really enjoyed most of it and it didn't over or under deliver. Solid.

On the Episode II front I have secured tickets to the charity premiere on May 12th. What a fiasco it was too. The boys&girls club of Boston ran the charity and I finally got 3 tickets at $500 each after 2+ weeks of calls, emails, and other types of correspondence. Yeah - that's some bucks but saving 4 days of spoilers and people ruining the movie is worth on the order of 10 million dollars (doctor evil). Maya, Denis, and I are going and I can't wait to see it.

Check out this cool article on games you can link with your gameboy advance that only requires 1 cartridge: Game Boy: The Ultimate List: Multi-Boot Games

And oh yeah EverQuest II was announced. :-)

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