From the Future
I'm going to start to take pictures an put down my thoughts about things I find that seem as if they are from the future. You know what I mean...like a monorail at the airport or green ketchup - the idea is novel and exciting unlike our boring world and the idea has not quite been accepted.

Blue French Fries
This week from the future I give you blue french fries and candles without fire! The french fries I picked up in the local Star Market and there are many other flavors as well - chocolate - apple pie - and of course the blues ones I ate with Maya.

The second little gem was discovered in Wired magazine some time ago but they just came in. They are battery powered candles called Candela. To tell you how amazing these little gems are would be to go on forever. We had a dinner party and people kept moving things around them as if they were real candles. Very cool. I hope to have more for the future as I discover things on my trips with Maya.Northampton Trip Pics
For those of you who didn't attend - here are the pics.Donnie Darko
Go rent this movie and see it. I have to say it's how I have viewed this world from time to time and how frustrated one person can get with it. The movie has a very solid point to make.

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