Experiment Updates
In an effort to put out onto the net more crap. I have added "the grey room" in experiments. I will be adding more and more content into both experiments and media and cleaning out the links pages over the next few weeks.

The reason? Well I constantly attempt half-baked projects or learn a specific item like the lighting used in "the grey room" for something at work or that I'm working on long term. The stuff that is produced is sometimes pretty interesting so I am going to use jaybrewer.net as both blog and archive tool for my not so finished work and out of it I hope to pick some new things to finish.

Game Creation Update
Right now I'm pouring most of my efforts into Hill Billy Whack with Russell Miner. We are creating a Flash MX component system to make the game and are then going to create lot's of games based on those components. Wish us luck. ;-)

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