What's New? How about Fast Food Fever! YAHOO!!!!

We made it! Yahoo has us as in Yahoo Picks and the Directory!

"Tired of stuffing your face with the same old fast-food fare? Have the Big Mac and Whopper lost their greasy luster? Looking for the next generation in fast food? Fortunately, the folks behind this site have taken the first steps in creating a "NEW exciting cuisine from the same old boring fast food you cram into your gut everyday."

A special thanks to Mark Byron for telling us we had made it!

It looks as if we've made Metafilter | Community Weblog as well! Here's the direct link to the comments.

There has also been a mention of us on the day begins at 6:01am
"WHILE A CREATIVE AND ENTERTAINING SITE, Fast Food Fever nearly made me lose my breakfast. This is why Americans are so fat."
Looks like we also made Pop Culture Junk Mail.

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