Well another weekend and more home improvement projects. We have just repainted our second bedroom a rather stunning yellow and I'm now sitting in it with the make shift computer desk basking in its rays. I really like it.

For your weekend enjoyment I give you an honest read entitled, "My Very Secret MacOSX Diary".

And another gem sent from my main man Miner. CNN.com - Robots do the milking at some U.S. farms - March 1, 2002


Here's a sweet little tidbit from New York Times. Looks like they got caught with their pants down. ;-)

SecurityFocus home news: New York Times Internal Network Hacked "We are actively investigating a potential security breach," wrote Times spokesperson Christine Mohan. "Based on the results of this investigation we will take appropriate steps to ensure the security of our network."

My good friend David Della Bitta has sent me some killer links. The first is from Highlander online : Kalisto Entertainment. The game avatar creator is simply amazing. And the game looks like it could be impressive though details are limited.

Dave also sent me an exhaustive list of Persistent online worlds. I am totally into creating my own little Atmosphere world and after things settle down at my place in Cambridge (painting, wiring, kitchen makeover - etc.) I hope to have more time to spend and do something very groovy.

In Futurama news: If Fox would just stop f**king around with the damn show and air it maybe they would see how interested people are in the show. Gamespot has an interesting tid bit on the upcoming Futurama game: GameSpot: Video Games News: Futurama games coming this year


Avault has a brief "press release" article from Microsoft that details all their games for the next year. Check out what they have in store for us (those evil bastards).

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is coming out soon on DVD. I suggest you get your credit card out and burn the best whole you could possibly burn in your DVD budget. This movie rocks for the die hard Kevin Smith fan.


Jason Butler has mentioned on his weblog. I suggest you check it out. From books, real web stuff, travel, movies, and actual things going on in the real world - Butler delivers the goods.

Nintendo Power Online has a new cover for this month of Nintendo Power and I must say it's a tad disturbing. I never thought I would see Sonic the Hedgehog on the cover of a Nintendo magazine. There just has to be people at Sega who toss and turn nightly that they have sold their soul to a lesser devil. However, Sega has never in my opinion made great hardware minus Genesis and Dreamcast. They just had too many misfires in the console space.

Over at Gamespot there is a nifty article on a game from Universal Interactive. This game promises that you can make your very own Jurassic Park. I don't know about you but I do know this is the only reason I like the movies, "HOW THE HELL COULD THEY BUILD A PARK LIKE THAT!" If this game in any way captures some of the wonder of creating such a park I will enjoy it. Likely outcome: Not likely.


Those folks down at Turbine are smoking their own crack again (however it is looking to be sweet crack!). Check out this article on their next engine. Turbine Entertainment Software / Technology

I have to say I'm looking forward to viewing the next post Seinfeld offering. Here's a great read at Salon. There's a Lot of Elaine in This Star's New Sitcom

Well after making some adjustments to the way I export the files I have created a creature inside my first world. I used this article: Viewpoint objects inside Atmosphere to find out what the hell I was doing wrong.


I have added an Adobe Atmosphere World to my site. Check it out here. I hope to publish items to it and also add avatars and other goodness in there as an ongoing project. So far there is not much there but in the future I'll be adding fish, space ships, and other cool stuff.

I also found a really interesting article on the creation of Multiplayer games at ArenaNet. If you like in-depth articles for anything game related then also check out Gamasutra.