Well I may not be turning 70 but I did just turn 30. This weekend if you didn't know it I'm running my first race. It's a 4 mile hilly / quirky race in Davis Square in Somerville, MA. Wish me luck. I found this little running gem to give me some inspiration and a few laughs. 7 Things I Learned While Running 7 Marathons in 7 Months to Celebrate me 70th Birthday

Monkey thoughts control computer? Well it's true. They've finally wired one of us monkeys into a computer to play video games. I like the fact that it was video games not some other finer form of computer interaction. I can't wait for that plug in the back of my neck. Thanks to Dave for sending this one in.


Today Boba Fett is anxiously awaiting my return to Warwick Park.

The Legendary Gary Gygax provides us with an amazing interview over at kcgeek.com. Nice stuff there. I remember being in 7th grade playind D&D with my main man Josh Ambrutis and thinking that Gary Gygax must have looked exactly like the Efrite Lord on the cover of the Dungeon Master's Guide.


WebCam is up. My god I don't know why I'm adding one for a month but what the hell. Too funny.
I walked to work this AM listening to the soundtrack to Riven and realized just how much impact the music has on the game experience. Though the gameplay of the Myst series really can be annoying - the experience of wandering around and just being immersed isn't. The tight connection between the music and the visuals really made the experience a "real memory" versus a "game memory".

There has been a lot of news concerning Mudpie - the next Myst. It's a massive multiplayer online game that will allow users to build communities and other items online together and also explore the world. I wouldn't expect any hack and slash - though I would expect music trades and other storytelling tools for Mudpie. Let's hope the name is reflective of making mud pies with friends when you are little.