Episode II
I am so excited tonight I will barely be able to sleep. Tomorrow, after many years waiting I will get to see Episode II! I think I am completely spoiler free minus seeing a few characters on the web and knowing a few review grades (I saw one review grade in EW last night!). If you see me this week you can feel free to ask me how the movie was but I won't tell you. I'm going to try and promote my spoiler free attitude to everyone I know.

How good will the movie be? I know it will be a great Star Wars film. Probably the second best out of the new trilogy. I'm pretty sure it will have a good deal of romance but mixed with some solid action. I also think the movie will showcase the Jedi and how powerful they can be and also how affected they are by the political mess that will be their downfall. That is all. I'll let you know how the premiere went and I will post pictures tomorrow night.
Kitchen Update
The new fridge is here! WOO HOOO! Check out the latest pics...
Beta Anyone?
GameSpot: Beta Test Center has opened or been open - not sure which. It has all the betas for upcoming games and it's also a great list to check for MMORPG stuff.

Mach3 Turbo
I bit the bullet finally and bought the new Mach3 Turbo. I have to say - NICE! Even though the whole thing is a racket (sp) it seems to be worth it. My shave was smooth and nick free. I also purchased some of the new Gillete shaving cream and was pleasantly surprised on how fresh my skin felt. ;-)

Kitchen Update
I should have lots of pictures later today on the kitchen. We get the fridge swapped out that didn't work and also the crown molding and other niceties are finally in. Today is also the day that our new bookcases get delivered. The only thing that kind of sucks about it is we really don't have anywhere to put them.


Daily Jaydar?
The JayDar is not travelling to the land of the Angels this year to attend E3, but I will keep you posted on cool E3 announcements. Check out this new Indy game for PS2, Xbox, and PC.


Kitchen Update
Looks like this week is spit and polish for the old kitchen. New fridge gets swapped out on 5/11/02 and the molding, trim, and other niceties are updated and finished Friday and Saturday. Next week sometime the countertops will go in and that is contingent on getting the replacement cabinet that is broken. I hope that gets resolved.

Episode II & Spider-man?
Well I saw Spider-man over the weekend and I have to say (box office gross aside) it was decent. I really enjoyed most of it and it didn't over or under deliver. Solid.

On the Episode II front I have secured tickets to the charity premiere on May 12th. What a fiasco it was too. The boys&girls club of Boston ran the charity and I finally got 3 tickets at $500 each after 2+ weeks of calls, emails, and other types of correspondence. Yeah - that's some bucks but saving 4 days of spoilers and people ruining the movie is worth on the order of 10 million dollars (doctor evil). Maya, Denis, and I are going and I can't wait to see it.

Check out this cool article on games you can link with your gameboy advance that only requires 1 cartridge: Game Boy: The Ultimate List: Multi-Boot Games

And oh yeah EverQuest II was announced. :-)