Harry Knowles - Why I hate him...
Simply read this review and know why he can't write, has no business even watching movies, and furthermore is a detriment to geeks everywhere. Check out this rant he calls a review for Eight Legged Freaks.

New Ultima Online Announced
Ultima Online: Age of Shadows anyone? I can't say I'll buy this one and try it out. It seems they have stopped saving characters for space reason so I'm sure old Detrious is not there any longer. However I really loved Ultima Online and I'm glad it's still going strong.

My New Skateboard
There is nothing more pathetic than an aging skateboarder but I have finally bitten the bullet and ordered a new board. After talking to several skate punks at several shops I am a "technical skatehead" and into new stuff. Interesting. I just feel old as hell when I talk to them but I look forward to getting new board (details of why I picked what coming soon). Here's the progress so far from out west...

Shipment History:
7/16/02 11 : 33 am Left Airborne Station. Wilmington, OH
7/12/02 4 : 24 pm Picked Up by Airborne. Shipper's Door
Clone Wars Anyone?
Gamespot has some new screens and info on the eagerly awaited game based on Episode II. Gamespot: The Clone Wars update


America's Army?
Well I had to try it. It seems the Army has released it's own Doom style game that has you go through basic training and then play kill the other guy. Well - the only thing I could get done was repeating target practice over and over and then I found myself in the brig. It had me saying to myself, "Welcome to America's Army!".

My god...is this the future of gaming? ;-)