In the News
"Actor Joshua Ryan Evans, 20, who played Timmy the living doll on the NBC-TV soap "Passions," shown in this undated hand photo, died unexpectedly Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2002, during a medical procedure at an undisclosed San Diego hospital."

Well I can't say I was a big fan and the kid creeped me out. But damn it midgets can be successful...


Trickery or "guerrilla" marketing?
Taking it to the street the Sony Ericsson Campaign tries to trick people into the product or are they just taking "guerrilla" marketing to a new level? I have to say I've gone to toy stores when I was working at HandsOnToys and promoted the product by cruising the construction toy isle and recommending the toys at HandsOn. I saw it as a direct way to create buzz. I don't think this is bad except for the fact that I told people I worked there and was a little more up front. Let's see how the media treats this one...