Madison & The Sand Castle

Madison Boos Running on the BeachKids are an amazing thing. And soon...well...very soon I will have one of my own. In the mean time - from our trip to Florida on the beach...Madison & the Sand Castle.

Cambridge Weblogs

Cambridge Weblogs are probably the best weblogs you can read...trust me. :-)


Chrismukkah Wallpaper!!!

Get this groovy Chrismukkah wallpaper!!!

Chrismukkah trademarked? NO WAY!!!

Help us support Chrismukkah by linking to Chrismukkah.com and letting this jerk know he is totally mistaken in thinking he can bully us around.


More below:

We received the following iCard from my own Chrismukkah pictures on jaybrewer.net!

"Chrismukkah is a trademarked word and must be removed from your site immediately. Regards, Chrismukkah.com"
First of all if you look them up on TESS, they do not even have a trademark filed. Secondly - you can't trademark a WORD like Chrismukkah especially when you got the domain on December 04, 2003 - after it aired on the O.C. which titled the episode, "The best Chrismukkah ever".

What's with people who do things like this? What do they have to gain? How about just being plain mean on a holiday that is supposed to be celebrated by uniting people. Here at Chrismukkah.org we believe that Chrismukkah is for everyone who wants to celebrate it - not just some lamo who wants to take it for themselves and for profit!!! Granted the O.C. portrays it in a very materialistic way, but you can celebrate it however you want. Join us in our effort to spread the word and ignore Chrismukkah.com and people like it who want to take away your Religious right to celebrate Chrismukkah!


Battlestar Galatica...well...AMAZING!!!

I have to say...I loved every second. I may have paused it 10 times to just walk around and be amazed on how they didn't screw it up. I LOVED IT. It was a pleasure to watch. The characters all well defined - and Boomer? HOT! Adama - Brilliant. It made me remember how awesome it was to watch a show with a single purpose...DESTROY THE CYLONS! SAVE THE HUMAN RACE! WOO HOOO!! SIMPLE! (okay...I'm Bushing out big time here...but seriously) ...The show simply kicked ass. Galatica - devoid of networked computers can save humanity...DESTROY THE SEGWAY! SAVE THE PLANET! Switches! Wonderful switches. Thank you Sci-Fi channel...thanks you.

And let's talk about character development...HOW MANY DISTINCT CHARACTERS can you do in the first night of a 4 hour mini-series - no less than 12? My god. Even aliens didn't have as many characters. Each one distinct right down to the communications officer...and all - so very human.

And the space fighter sequences...brilliant. Zoic Digital Effects did them. They are the same people who did Firefly...and who didn't love Firefly? :-)


My English (now History) Teacher Sues Curriculum Over Limits on History Curriculum

Gary Cole - my seventh grade teacher of English has sued my old Junior High over teaching students about non-christian religions. Good luck Gary. After finally getting out of that close minded hole of a town - yep I'll say it - CLOSE MINDED, I can honestly say until College I had little exposure to any kind of diversity.
I would also like to mention that Gary Cole is one of the best teachers I've ever had. He was very intense and taught me more about grammar than any teacher I ever had in SAD #1. Good luck Mr. Cole!!!


The Matrix

Only 6 months ago I would have been pumped to see Revolutions. Now, I haven't even attempted to see it. Well - sort of - I have attempted and then talked myself out of it. Why? Because I just don't want it to be ruined any further. Anyways - I found this animated gif that used to be on the front of my old portfolio (which in itself was a total disaster and disappointing to look back on). I think this was the best piece from the whole damn thing actually...Matrix Atari. Wow. That's all it does. Loop. AWFUL.

White House Ready or Note Ready for the Moon?

It's really one of the fewarticles to catch my attention on the Nasa situation in a long time. Let's go. PLEASE. PLEASE! PLEASE!!!


IMG News: Small Fry Ships Hillbilly Whack! for Macintosh

IMG News: Small Fry Ships Hillbilly Whack! for Macintosh: "Small Fry Ships Hillbilly Whack! for Macintosh

Small Fry Studios has released Hillbilly Whack! for Mac OS X. The shareware game is an acade-adventure game that pays homage to the classic side-scrolling games from the 80's."

MacGameZone.com : Les News

>Back to the Future [Lun 21:59 - Slug]
Amis nostalgiques, vous rêviez d’un jeu qui sente l’Atari 2600, qui ressemble aux jeux Atari 2600, et qui marche sous OSX ? Small Fry Studio vient de vous d’exaucer votre voeu en sortant Hillibilly Whack!. Ce jeu en freeware (ou plutot donationware), a été conçu entièrement pour nous faire retrouver les charmes des vieux jeux oldschool. Bon, c’est moche, mais c’est plutôt fun. 13 niveaux à parcourir en évitant des cochons et des poulets ivres morts pour sauver la belle Winnie May! Et ze fin du fin, on peut même jouer à deux sur le même clavier. Une bonne tranche de rigolade !"


Roundy & Squarey

Inspired by Tim Biskup and created in less than 10 minutes - I give you the Roundy & Squarey shirt. Enjoy!


For your viewing pleasure!

Sony's Upcoming PSP

It's coming. The PSP from Sony looks to be both a gameboy killer and an ipod killer. But I keep thinking - do people want multipurpose devices? Yes and no. The ipod is all about music and some other things - but mostly music. However, I could go YES on the Sidekick front. If the sidekick played games and had a 5gb disk for music. I would be done. I would never buy another device for the rest of my life.
Sony's Upcoming PSP Features Impressive Specs: "Sony recently announced many details concerning the 'PSP', a handheld gaming, music playing, video playing and possible cellphone all-in-one handheld device. While the PSP isn't due out until the end of 2004, it is expected this device may be the answer to anyone and everyones handheld needs. The device is expected to be a powerful competitor for Nintendo's Game Boy, Nokia's N-Gage and Apple's iPod."

Happy Tree Friends

CUTE! Check them out! :-)
"Happy Tree Friends: "Cute, cuddly, and horribly wrong... It's the Happy Tree Friends! They may be sugary halloween but there's no way they'll escape their horrible fate! What chaos will these critters experience next? Check out our episode selection to find out! When it comes to animated mayhem, nothing beats Happy Tree Friends."
Thanks to Jeff P. for finding these. Brilliant!



On my recent journey to Los Angeles, I saw this really cool new building toy - PixelBlocks. You can create mosaics, pixel creatures, and other cool stuff. I like the fact that it's translucent, thus providing more depth to your creations.


Nelly has $1 million worth of jewellery stolen

I think this may be the funniest story I've read. Note: iif you are in Vegas with a Million bucks in neckwear - then don't stay at the Aladdin Casino - Russ and I both can verify the place is sketchy...and full of neckwear thieves. FULL! :-)
Nelly has $1 million worth of jewellery stolen - NME.COM: "The rapper was attending the Radio Music Awards on Monday (27). On his return to theAladdin Hotel his trademark and expansive jewellery collection had been stolen. A laptop computer was also stolen from the room of singerMichelle Branch, who was staying in the same hotel.



QRIO is just the kind of thing that can take an entire evening from you when you are trying to get something done. The little robot that could take an entire evening from you? Well, QRIO is simply amazing, spooky, and downright - well...did I say amazing? I want one so that my complex life can become simple with the addition of a robot. WHAT???


Search the Text in Books?

Doing a little ego surfing reveals some interesting stuff with the new Amazon feature of searching keywords in books. I had totally spaced on being in Evolve - the book was about the rise of the dot.com. Wild. Wild. This means you could find out if you are in books, or things you've done, - it opens the research possibilities of things being in print - well...wild. WILD!


Adobe seeks to heighten 3D on Web

If you don't know what Atmosphere is - well it's VRML or 3D walkthroughs in a browser where a novice can make their own world and link it up to any other Atmosphere world.
I have to say - I'm really shocked there isn't any macintosh support for this product. This is the same issue that Thingworld and other 3D formats have experienced - if you don't make it available to the larger creative community on Macs then the content is crappy and the tool never gets adopted. Big mistake Adobe. However, I am excited to see Atmosphere get a full release. I made several worlds with it on the PC about 9-12 months ago and I thought it was a fun thing to do but not that useful.
Adobe seeks to heighten 3D on Web | CNET News.com: "Adobe Systems released on Wednesday a new 3D graphics program intended to help Web designers create new types of environments.

The program, dubbed Atmosphere, consists of a set design tools for creating 3D Web images. In addition, the company released the free Atmosphere Player for viewing images, either as part of a Web page or in an offline document saved in Adobe's widespread portable document format (PDF)."


A challenge for Boston video game makers???

A challenge for Boston video game makers? Don't I know it. After spending the last year of spare time just to make a game, it's depressing how few major game makers that can spend their entire day exist in Boston. In 1994 when I first moved here, there were over 10+ small developers but they were all making PC/MAC games. Now, 10 years later - there are but 3-4 total. OUCHER. Thanks to Steph for sending this in.


GMAN: Making Games v1.5

GMAN: Making Games v1.5. I found this article because a friend of friend of this guy once interviewed me for a position at a house in Newton that had a very large bulldog named ookla. This is an excellent read if you want some real numbers and analysis from a very smart person on the game business of financing and making games.

Fast Food Fever - Updated

Want to know what I've been up to? Check out Fast Food Fever.


Trip to Illinois

Thanks Sidekick.
Gameboy travels with us...ZELDA!Maya really really loves the T. Evil times Two. Getting ready. Pregnant.Evil.



Baby Bazar Brewer

Well we really don't know if it's a girl or a boy - but we do know it's healthy and in there.

I'll have more pictures tomorrow but for now...this is all I have. Thanks Sidekick!


Listen to Your Favorite Movies Online

The Digital Laboratory of Axis360.com features over 100 movies you can stream to and listen to online. Really cool option over just music for your work day.

Flash Video Clips

Be prepared for the onslaught of total Flash Video ads, pop-ups, etc. I love Flash but...man...well - it is cool for showing old home movies... You'll also need Flash 7 to view this...

Removed until Archive...


I'm Going into Space!!!

Awhile ago I bought this kit that does the following, "...Launch your photo, message and biological signature on a real spaceship that’s flying out of the solar system..."

After an entensive email campaign, they've finally added my submission to the web site.

I'm totally on board. Scroll down and click on USA. Then use the side scroll bar and you'll find me at the bottom.

I hope when the aliens use my DNA I come back in Cartoon form.



This is exactly the kind of movie that keeps me going to the movies. Thank you Bruce Campbell. Thank you.



Thank god! I have been in Boston nearly 10 years and the first show I ever attended as a young graphic artist was Macworld. It changed my life. At that show back in 1994 I bought Bryce, Kais Power Tools, and Photoshop. I was then hooked on graphics forever on a Mac. I then put myself into extreme debt buying my first Mac - a 7500/100. Those were the days.
"Macworld Expo to be held in Boston
IDG World Expo today confirmed that the Macworld Conference & Expo will take place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) July 12-15, 2004. Macworld Conference & Expo spent 13 of its 19 years in Boston before relocating to New York City in 1998."


Mars Trip Not on Political Radar?

Mars Trip Not on Political Radar? What a shame. It should be or something that could inspire a new generation of people to think outside the box. It's been too long since the entire world had a goal - the International Space Station is too close to home and the moon - well - we've been there. I think a Mars mission might unite the entire freakin' planet - well - here's to hoping it would given the current state of bombings daily in just about every country in the world.


Getting Games Done Well

Computer and Video Games has a killer interview with Toby Gard - the creator of Tomb Raider on his game Galleon's delay of over 3 years. I share his pain - even though it's taken a little under 9 months of weekends, weeknights, and any free time to get Hillbilly Whack! out the door this quote sums it up, "...There's a physical limit to what you can get done without adding enormous amounts of cash."


David X. Cohen - Futurama

An Interview with David X. Cohen can be found at IGN. I love Futurama and I suggest if you didn't see it - catch it on the cartoon network or on DVD.


Robotic Nation, by Marshall Brain

We are indeed becoming a self-serve nation - replacing friendly and not so friendly people with robots, displays, and workplaces empty of any humans except the people buying stuff there - shells.
"I went to McDonald's this weekend with the kids. We go to McDonald's to eat about once a week because it is a mile from the house and has an indoor play area. Our normal routine is to walk in to McDonald's, stand in line, order, stand around waiting for the order, sit down, eat and play. "




I'm addicted to Poker lately. The last 3 months have been nothing but playing and playing, and reading and reading, and playing some more. Check out Paradise Poker and Ultimate Bet for some cool places online to hang. If you want to slum it - Poker Room rules!


New Hillbilly Whack Teaser!!!

I've added a new mini-site and teaser for Hillbilly Whack!!! The game is going alpha this weekend with select testers trying out the first 4-6 levels and as we get feedback on the game we'll be making revisions and then putting into a final beta build for August. Check it out and spread around the link so we can get some press! If you can't remember the long url to get there tell people to visit either hillbillywhack.com and hillbillygame.com.


Sidekick Troubles

Just when you think you love something - the damn companies screw it up and make it suck. After reading this article on the Sidekick present and future - one begins to wonder how wed I should get to a device I'll never be able to get my data off of. T-mobile Drives Nail into Sidekick's coffin.


Fast Food Fever Updates! KIWIBURGER!!!

Check out our latest feature story from New Zealand correspondent John Magee!
"The furthest-flung Fast Food Fever correspondents to date weren't disappointed in New Zealand. We found the most unique fast food sandwich ever created outside the kitchens of Fast Food Fever: the Kiwiburger. It was almost as if FFF had consulted on the recipe for this one."


Little People & TIVO

Well - I have now had TIVO for 2+ years and because I taped that first HBO special on "Little People" - TIVO has considered me a dwarf addict. Well...I am. I have watched over 10 different shows, specials, and documentaries on the lives of little people. Thank you TIVO. I had no idea how tough or amazing it could be.

Congrats to Rich & Kelly!

Congrats to Rich & Kelly! Rich has finally done it! He's found the right girl and we had to throw him an engagement party!


The Royal Cambridge Rocketry Club - Semi-Annual 2003 Memorial Day Launch

The Royal Cambridge Rocketry Club 2003 semi-annual rocket launch was festive, if I do say so myself. We managed to fire off 3 whole rockets and have 2 major mishaps. Our semi-annual flight budget peaked out at just over 24 bucks, all spent on the new blue jumpsuits.
NOTE: We are currently seeking a safer more remote place then Denehy park, due to being shut down, setting back up, and also - just feeling like killing people with stray rockets is a bad idea.

Pictures Coming

I'll be putting up tons of pictures very soon. I'm swamped working on Hillbilly Whack! at Small Fry Studios. More soon...


Vegas Anyone?

Though this pictures capture some of the highlights and lowlights of the trip - they are by no means an "exhaustive" set of pictures that indeed may have jeopardized the confidentiality clause signed before going on the trip. Enjoy!

Weekend Travels - Portland, ME & Somerville, MA

We start out in Portland, ME visiting Mr. Hersey.He decides to vacuum some cat hair so I don't get all screwy.Somehow we end up driving around in a Red Miata.Random shot of some measuring spoons.Outside the temple of the wok.Maine is exciting and this is how I looked when Matt's cat attacked me.
Outside a Fashion Bug a large woman in a cow costume hawks wears.A club in Portland provides music you can't see.At a BBQ later in the weekend back in Boston we grill chocolate chip cookies.Miner works those cookies on the grill.Flip those cookies!!!!Done! Grilled Cookies and MGD!!! AWESOME!


Does Gaming Reduce Productivity?

Does it? Thank god for this article. Maybe someone out there will read this and realize like great novels - great games can inspire and fuel the mind.


Sidekick Camera is HERE!!!

Thank god it finally came. I have missed my little camera so much!!! I'm traveling to Maine this weekend - expect lots of 'kick pix!


Back from Vegas!!!!

Just got back from a killer Vegas trip for my main man - Russell Miner. I'll have pictures later this week.


New Portfolio

I've been working on my new portfolio site for the last few weeks. Check it out. Feedback is welcome and please let me know if you experience any bugs - etc. The new format really opens up seing my work versus hiding it in thumbnails. I hope you enjoy it.


Fedex Just Sucks

Why no pictures as of late? Well - Fedex keeps returning my camera replacement (lost the kick camera) to the sender because they are just morons. Many updates happening elsewhere until the camera replacement comes. Check out Fast Food Fever.



Went to the Sox game last night and got a chance to snap a few pictures from the amazing seats that Jason snagged. We sat right behind the dugout for Tampa and it made for a great place to put your dogs and beer. Though I was kinda cold, it didn't really matter. From these seats you could hear players talking and also see every pitch. Awesome!

Thanks to this man... I had this view and...This view.And of course some ice cold beer.


House of a 1000 Corpses

What is there to say? Maybe everything. House of a 1000 Corpses may be the beginning or the end of horror however - it IS HORROR!!! If you have been trying to find something that will truly horrify you - this is it. I can't remember a single movie that has given me thoughts such as, "Please just kill that person. It will be better if they are just dead. Please kill them now. My god...no...my god..." The movie is a must see - but know that you will not be safe anywhere after seeing it. I'm writing this at 12:14pm - and freaked out of my mind. I guess the guy lives up to the name after all. Good night Rob Zombie wherever you are, and most of all - thank you.


Spring Starts Today

A little morning walk to Davis Square has revealed that Spring is indeed upon us.
A freshly renovated Somerville home near Davis Square.Pretty purple flowers.Budding trees...Smoky flowers right outside of red bones.


Street Cleaning Starts April 1st in Somerville!

Thus leading to my friend Denis getting his car towed. Several people were really pissed that they had their cars towed at the Police station, but Denis knew that he would have it towed or ticketed because he couldn't get it started that morning - so he took a chance. It's amazing that people live in the city and can't read the 1000 street signs that say, "Street Cleaning April 1st - December 31st" and then some day that they clean on. A woman at the Police station was so mad and was yelling at the cop that she would fight the ticket??? She kept saying how "she wasn't notified". Like it's the cops fault? Her best line was, "yeah...another cha-ching for the city of somerville". Oh yeah. They're raking it in!!! She's the type of person that when the streets aren't clean would complain as well. Here's some pics of our visit to Pat's Towing - which is one of those places you never think of going to on a Thursday night.
We arrive and a sign points the way...To HELL!???The door looms closer....Finally after 10 minutes of cigarette smoke we find the car.


Big Dig Down!

Miner and I finally got our Big Dig fix. Yesterday was tax day, and as we returned from the accountant we plotted a route that would take us into the Big Dig and onto the bridge going north.

The entrance to the Big Dig from Haymarket Square...so close..Panic sets in as Miner realizes...it's happening...we will enter soon...Just ahead we see the tunnel! Seems like a dream...BIG DIG!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG DIG!!!!!!
The Green Monster is just overhead as we come out of the tunnel.NEW BRIDGE!!!! Miner is swerving all over the place...NEW BRIDGE!!! The second arch looms ahead.It's over. Miner resumes a normal pace of 50 in the Saturn. Amazing.


Super squid surfaces in Antarctic

Super squid surfaces in Antarctic???? As an avid member of the Lost Albino Squid Club of North America, you can imagine how pleased I was find out the giant squid is still around to be caught and put in museum. Seriously though, I thought this would break my "dead animal" week coverage but alas - it was not meant to happen until the week is over.

Dead Hawk Down!!!

Once again I bring you some interesting yet disturbing pictures from the world of dead animals. About 3 weeks ago there was total chaos at the front of the building where I work as the smokers kept pointing to the sky and then - WHAMMO! The local parking lot Hawk just slammed into the glass while trying to take down a pigeon. Perhaps the pigeons were tired of his IRON rule??? Check out Dead Hawk Down - The Closed Eye, and Dead Hawk Down - Bottom Up. NOTE: The pictures aren't bloody or gross - actually they're kind of peaceful and very sad. What a beautiful animal. DAMN YOU EVIL PIGEONS!!!!


Mummified Squirrel?

Okay - I now know that after I post these pictures people will think I'm a collector of dead animal photos...well...I am. I found this mummified squirrel right outside of Ole' Mexican Grill in Arlington, MA. Nature does a great job of preserving things. I can only imagine his demise - perhaps a slippery mid-winter branch...a fall to his death? Or was this a fatality of a secret squirrel war?