Sidekick Screen Issues

Thanks to Russ for finding this! We both have Sidekicks from Danger and periodically the screen freaks out. Here's fix for all you Kick addicts out there.
"My Sidekick just died again (damn first generation technology) and I just found this on the hiptop site::
I have literally just been made aware of a workaround for users experiencing bar code or zebra like effects on your device. This workaround does not require you to wait around draining the battery.

1. Soft reset your device by pressing the following keys: @+1+0.
2. As your device reboots, press and hold the green POWER button and the 'P' key. Release these buttons after the device shuts down.
3. Finally, insert the AC power adaptor to restart your device.
It works!!! My Sidekick is back to life and I didn't have to wait until the battery drained! SWEET!" - Russ

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