Street Cleaning Starts April 1st in Somerville!

Thus leading to my friend Denis getting his car towed. Several people were really pissed that they had their cars towed at the Police station, but Denis knew that he would have it towed or ticketed because he couldn't get it started that morning - so he took a chance. It's amazing that people live in the city and can't read the 1000 street signs that say, "Street Cleaning April 1st - December 31st" and then some day that they clean on. A woman at the Police station was so mad and was yelling at the cop that she would fight the ticket??? She kept saying how "she wasn't notified". Like it's the cops fault? Her best line was, "yeah...another cha-ching for the city of somerville". Oh yeah. They're raking it in!!! She's the type of person that when the streets aren't clean would complain as well. Here's some pics of our visit to Pat's Towing - which is one of those places you never think of going to on a Thursday night.
We arrive and a sign points the way...To HELL!???The door looms closer....Finally after 10 minutes of cigarette smoke we find the car.

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