Sony's Upcoming PSP

It's coming. The PSP from Sony looks to be both a gameboy killer and an ipod killer. But I keep thinking - do people want multipurpose devices? Yes and no. The ipod is all about music and some other things - but mostly music. However, I could go YES on the Sidekick front. If the sidekick played games and had a 5gb disk for music. I would be done. I would never buy another device for the rest of my life.
Sony's Upcoming PSP Features Impressive Specs: "Sony recently announced many details concerning the 'PSP', a handheld gaming, music playing, video playing and possible cellphone all-in-one handheld device. While the PSP isn't due out until the end of 2004, it is expected this device may be the answer to anyone and everyones handheld needs. The device is expected to be a powerful competitor for Nintendo's Game Boy, Nokia's N-Gage and Apple's iPod."

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