An Evening at the MFA - Human Rights Watch Film Festival

We ventured out into the cold last night to view Ken Loach's movie -- Sweet Sixteen at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival.

We arrive at the MFA - Ben& Steph check it out...The empty hallway prior to the crowds arriving for the flic.The line grows...The bathrooms at the MFA are so so clean.Human Rights Watch logo and theatre. We are seeing Sweet Sixteen.
Now there is free wine and food.Maya chats up the movie - she now likes Ken Loach.Steph eats up on some groovy Asparagus.Ben decides to break bread with the other art folks. 


jaybrewer.net Safari Compatible

Well - I had to do it. I had a bunch of bad CSS on the site and I finally just fixed it. Had several nasty empty DIVS and bad CSS styles - fixed them. Now jaybrewer.net should look right in Safari and other CSS strict browsers.

Sidekick Walk in the Morning - Davis Square, MA

I have this new cool device/phone called a Sidekick and it even has a camera. I thought I would take some pictures from time to time and let you in on the visual side of my travels.

House I love.This baby burnt down and they are making a new house from the old one.Me on the street coming into Davis Square.Right out in front of my bank in Davis Square.


The Virtual Suck Tour of Arlington, Ma

Thanks to Stephanie Federico for sending me this. After dinner last night in Arlington - she mentioned this amazing tour...check this out....The Virtual Suck Tour of Arlington, Ma.