Vail Picture!

Thanks to Josh for finding this! I have no idea how he did it. There are tons of these photographers at the mountain taking pics - how wild! Me at Vail and thumbnails with more pictures of the crew!



This site just kicks so much ass...

Day with Sam & Seth

Our friends Sam&Seth&Isabella were in town for a day of eating, aquarium, and fun. Here's a few pics from the Sidekick.

We start our day at Park Street.
Looks like FAO still has BIG Wiggly Gigglys!
The FAO tree is not going anywhere!
Nike town viewing with Sam & Maya.
The view from their hotel window.
More Penguins!
Honestly...no idea.
Jellyfish Red
Jellyfish BLAH!
Cute fish!
Yellow Fish
Common Cuttlefish and the reason I have a squid tatoo.
Maya, Sam, Seth, and Isabella.


Candlelight Vigil, Davis Square - Somerville, MA

Russ, Jess, Denis, Maya and I attened a candlelight vigil last night. It was very uplifting and given today's news. Well - at least we tried. On a lighter note Russ suggested we bring the Candelas instead of candles and they worked out great. In picture one you can see two candelas and one real candle.

Personal Imax anyone?

Go to MyImax.Com and you can build your own 150" Bigscreen Home Theater TV for 21.95. I kid you not!