Super squid surfaces in Antarctic

Super squid surfaces in Antarctic???? As an avid member of the Lost Albino Squid Club of North America, you can imagine how pleased I was find out the giant squid is still around to be caught and put in museum. Seriously though, I thought this would break my "dead animal" week coverage but alas - it was not meant to happen until the week is over.

Dead Hawk Down!!!

Once again I bring you some interesting yet disturbing pictures from the world of dead animals. About 3 weeks ago there was total chaos at the front of the building where I work as the smokers kept pointing to the sky and then - WHAMMO! The local parking lot Hawk just slammed into the glass while trying to take down a pigeon. Perhaps the pigeons were tired of his IRON rule??? Check out Dead Hawk Down - The Closed Eye, and Dead Hawk Down - Bottom Up. NOTE: The pictures aren't bloody or gross - actually they're kind of peaceful and very sad. What a beautiful animal. DAMN YOU EVIL PIGEONS!!!!


Mummified Squirrel?

Okay - I now know that after I post these pictures people will think I'm a collector of dead animal photos...well...I am. I found this mummified squirrel right outside of Ole' Mexican Grill in Arlington, MA. Nature does a great job of preserving things. I can only imagine his demise - perhaps a slippery mid-winter branch...a fall to his death? Or was this a fatality of a secret squirrel war?



Dog Island Free Forever

Dog Island Free Forever is possibly the best site I've been to in a long time. ;-)

Saturday Fun with Denis & Maya
Maya and Denis in the isle at 7/11, big bites, and the buffalo disaster sandwich.

Hillbilly Whack! Teaser Trailer

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