Went to the Sox game last night and got a chance to snap a few pictures from the amazing seats that Jason snagged. We sat right behind the dugout for Tampa and it made for a great place to put your dogs and beer. Though I was kinda cold, it didn't really matter. From these seats you could hear players talking and also see every pitch. Awesome!

Thanks to this man... I had this view and...This view.And of course some ice cold beer.


House of a 1000 Corpses

What is there to say? Maybe everything. House of a 1000 Corpses may be the beginning or the end of horror however - it IS HORROR!!! If you have been trying to find something that will truly horrify you - this is it. I can't remember a single movie that has given me thoughts such as, "Please just kill that person. It will be better if they are just dead. Please kill them now. My god...no...my god..." The movie is a must see - but know that you will not be safe anywhere after seeing it. I'm writing this at 12:14pm - and freaked out of my mind. I guess the guy lives up to the name after all. Good night Rob Zombie wherever you are, and most of all - thank you.


Spring Starts Today

A little morning walk to Davis Square has revealed that Spring is indeed upon us.
A freshly renovated Somerville home near Davis Square.Pretty purple flowers.Budding trees...Smoky flowers right outside of red bones.