Vegas Anyone?

Though this pictures capture some of the highlights and lowlights of the trip - they are by no means an "exhaustive" set of pictures that indeed may have jeopardized the confidentiality clause signed before going on the trip. Enjoy!

Weekend Travels - Portland, ME & Somerville, MA

We start out in Portland, ME visiting Mr. Hersey.He decides to vacuum some cat hair so I don't get all screwy.Somehow we end up driving around in a Red Miata.Random shot of some measuring spoons.Outside the temple of the wok.Maine is exciting and this is how I looked when Matt's cat attacked me.
Outside a Fashion Bug a large woman in a cow costume hawks wears.A club in Portland provides music you can't see.At a BBQ later in the weekend back in Boston we grill chocolate chip cookies.Miner works those cookies on the grill.Flip those cookies!!!!Done! Grilled Cookies and MGD!!! AWESOME!


Does Gaming Reduce Productivity?

Does it? Thank god for this article. Maybe someone out there will read this and realize like great novels - great games can inspire and fuel the mind.