Thank god! I have been in Boston nearly 10 years and the first show I ever attended as a young graphic artist was Macworld. It changed my life. At that show back in 1994 I bought Bryce, Kais Power Tools, and Photoshop. I was then hooked on graphics forever on a Mac. I then put myself into extreme debt buying my first Mac - a 7500/100. Those were the days.
"Macworld Expo to be held in Boston
IDG World Expo today confirmed that the Macworld Conference & Expo will take place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) July 12-15, 2004. Macworld Conference & Expo spent 13 of its 19 years in Boston before relocating to New York City in 1998."


Mars Trip Not on Political Radar?

Mars Trip Not on Political Radar? What a shame. It should be or something that could inspire a new generation of people to think outside the box. It's been too long since the entire world had a goal - the International Space Station is too close to home and the moon - well - we've been there. I think a Mars mission might unite the entire freakin' planet - well - here's to hoping it would given the current state of bombings daily in just about every country in the world.