Search the Text in Books?

Doing a little ego surfing reveals some interesting stuff with the new Amazon feature of searching keywords in books. I had totally spaced on being in Evolve - the book was about the rise of the dot.com. Wild. Wild. This means you could find out if you are in books, or things you've done, - it opens the research possibilities of things being in print - well...wild. WILD!


Adobe seeks to heighten 3D on Web

If you don't know what Atmosphere is - well it's VRML or 3D walkthroughs in a browser where a novice can make their own world and link it up to any other Atmosphere world.
I have to say - I'm really shocked there isn't any macintosh support for this product. This is the same issue that Thingworld and other 3D formats have experienced - if you don't make it available to the larger creative community on Macs then the content is crappy and the tool never gets adopted. Big mistake Adobe. However, I am excited to see Atmosphere get a full release. I made several worlds with it on the PC about 9-12 months ago and I thought it was a fun thing to do but not that useful.
Adobe seeks to heighten 3D on Web | CNET News.com: "Adobe Systems released on Wednesday a new 3D graphics program intended to help Web designers create new types of environments.

The program, dubbed Atmosphere, consists of a set design tools for creating 3D Web images. In addition, the company released the free Atmosphere Player for viewing images, either as part of a Web page or in an offline document saved in Adobe's widespread portable document format (PDF)."


A challenge for Boston video game makers???

A challenge for Boston video game makers? Don't I know it. After spending the last year of spare time just to make a game, it's depressing how few major game makers that can spend their entire day exist in Boston. In 1994 when I first moved here, there were over 10+ small developers but they were all making PC/MAC games. Now, 10 years later - there are but 3-4 total. OUCHER. Thanks to Steph for sending this in.