My English (now History) Teacher Sues Curriculum Over Limits on History Curriculum

Gary Cole - my seventh grade teacher of English has sued my old Junior High over teaching students about non-christian religions. Good luck Gary. After finally getting out of that close minded hole of a town - yep I'll say it - CLOSE MINDED, I can honestly say until College I had little exposure to any kind of diversity.
I would also like to mention that Gary Cole is one of the best teachers I've ever had. He was very intense and taught me more about grammar than any teacher I ever had in SAD #1. Good luck Mr. Cole!!!


The Matrix

Only 6 months ago I would have been pumped to see Revolutions. Now, I haven't even attempted to see it. Well - sort of - I have attempted and then talked myself out of it. Why? Because I just don't want it to be ruined any further. Anyways - I found this animated gif that used to be on the front of my old portfolio (which in itself was a total disaster and disappointing to look back on). I think this was the best piece from the whole damn thing actually...Matrix Atari. Wow. That's all it does. Loop. AWFUL.

White House Ready or Note Ready for the Moon?

It's really one of the fewarticles to catch my attention on the Nasa situation in a long time. Let's go. PLEASE. PLEASE! PLEASE!!!