Battlestar Galatica...well...AMAZING!!!

I have to say...I loved every second. I may have paused it 10 times to just walk around and be amazed on how they didn't screw it up. I LOVED IT. It was a pleasure to watch. The characters all well defined - and Boomer? HOT! Adama - Brilliant. It made me remember how awesome it was to watch a show with a single purpose...DESTROY THE CYLONS! SAVE THE HUMAN RACE! WOO HOOO!! SIMPLE! (okay...I'm Bushing out big time here...but seriously) ...The show simply kicked ass. Galatica - devoid of networked computers can save humanity...DESTROY THE SEGWAY! SAVE THE PLANET! Switches! Wonderful switches. Thank you Sci-Fi channel...thanks you.

And let's talk about character development...HOW MANY DISTINCT CHARACTERS can you do in the first night of a 4 hour mini-series - no less than 12? My god. Even aliens didn't have as many characters. Each one distinct right down to the communications officer...and all - so very human.

And the space fighter sequences...brilliant. Zoic Digital Effects did them. They are the same people who did Firefly...and who didn't love Firefly? :-)