Chrismukkah Wallpaper!!!

Get this groovy Chrismukkah wallpaper!!!

Chrismukkah trademarked? NO WAY!!!

Help us support Chrismukkah by linking to Chrismukkah.com and letting this jerk know he is totally mistaken in thinking he can bully us around.


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We received the following iCard from my own Chrismukkah pictures on jaybrewer.net!

"Chrismukkah is a trademarked word and must be removed from your site immediately. Regards, Chrismukkah.com"
First of all if you look them up on TESS, they do not even have a trademark filed. Secondly - you can't trademark a WORD like Chrismukkah especially when you got the domain on December 04, 2003 - after it aired on the O.C. which titled the episode, "The best Chrismukkah ever".

What's with people who do things like this? What do they have to gain? How about just being plain mean on a holiday that is supposed to be celebrated by uniting people. Here at Chrismukkah.org we believe that Chrismukkah is for everyone who wants to celebrate it - not just some lamo who wants to take it for themselves and for profit!!! Granted the O.C. portrays it in a very materialistic way, but you can celebrate it however you want. Join us in our effort to spread the word and ignore Chrismukkah.com and people like it who want to take away your Religious right to celebrate Chrismukkah!