Liam Neeson - Superhero & Jedi Trainer - Available Nights & Weekends

OH OH! Looks like Liam Neeson is now a Superhero trainer as well as a Jedi Master. Hmmm...

Check out the new Batman Begins trailer...you'll see what I mean.


Mac Over Matter

Visit MacOverMatter.comVisit MacOverMatter.comJeff Paradiso has started up a Mac site - and it's very solid. Lots of tips and tricks - and how the mac can be used for a variety of cool uses in your home. Check it out.

Visit Mac Over Matter


Recent Work & Thoughts

Well - I can definitely say I'm busy. We are raising a daughter, selling our condo, buying a house, and I have no less than 4 blogs/webzines that I'm running.

Fast Food Fever.com - It's still going and may even be featured in FHM magazine
Single Serve Coffee.com - It's going strong and I even have 4 paid advertisers - 4!!!
Shaving Stuff.com - Russell Neufeld and I are doing this one and it's been very fun so far.
Kitchen Contraptions.com - Maya, Russ, and I will be doing this and Michael too.

Also on the gaming front - Halo 2, Half Life 2, Everquest 2 - SO MANY 2s!!!

And most importantly...my family life. Anya, Maya, and her mom are so inspiring. Anya just does more and more and more stuff everyday and Maya seems to adapt with no effort. She's amazing. Her mom has been such a light to how important family is and how important they are to have around, and how much they can be the best friends you can have. It makes me miss my parents, my brother, my aunt and uncle more and more everyday. That's a good thing not a bad thing. I love them all.

Well that's all for now. I rarely write these types of posts - but once in awhile you have to.


More 'them' than 'us'

Good luck America. Good luck.
"MSNBC - More 'them' than 'us': "So let there be no whining when your husband's National Guard obligation leaves him under fire for six extra months, or when Granny and Gramps are eating cat food, or when it become increasingly impossible to meet the economic needs of the middle-class family.

No complaining. None of it.

You wanted this guy. Now you have him, unleashed."

Totally F**king Depressing

I just couldn't say it better than Leander...my god...what is wrong with this country?
The Cult of Mac Blog: "It's a beautiful, sunny, marine-clear morning here in San Francisco, but no one's very cheerful. It's a black day in America. Four more years of war and death, domestic decay and neo-con lunacy (three slots on the Supreme Court may open up).

Voters were more concerned with 'moral issues' -- preventing gays from marrying -- than slaughter for oil. And those propping up this evil regime -- blue collar Midwest conservatives -- are those the most shafted: no healthcare, no education, outsourced jobs, and their kids are sent to die in Iraq.

I like America and Americans, and San Francisco is a lovely town. But the streets are full of beggars, the highways are covered in trash and kids are armed with guns. America's rotten to the core.


Nintendo of America shuts down 8-bit pirates

I've been seeing these pirated systems here in Boston for over 6 months. They harass you in the mall trying to sell you a Nintendo 64 look-alike controller that plugs into your TV. It's a shame that these kinds of products can even last 6 months and I'm glad to see them being shut down.
GamesIndustry.biz - Nintendo of America shuts down 8-bit pirates: "A pirate operation providing video game systems featuring unlicensed NES titles has been shut down by Nintendo of America, with the US District Court granting a temporary restraining order against two companies involved in their sale."


Marvel Studio Film Releases - MAJOR UPDATE!

Superhero Hype! - The latest superhero movie news and rumors: "Marvel Enterprises has released its Third Quarter financial report and in it the company mentions the status of the various superhero projects it has in the works. Here are some highlights from the report.

Marvel Character Feature Film Line-Up For 2005
-Elektra, New Regency/ Fox - Filming completed, Jan. 14, 2005 release
-Fantastic Four, Fox - Filming started, July 1, 2005 release

Marvel Character Feature Film Line-Up For 2006
-X-Men 3, Fox - May 5, 2006 release
-Iron Man, New Line Cinema - Script, Slated for 2006
-Ghost Rider, Sony - Script, Director, Pre-production, Slated for 2006
-Luke Cage, Sony/Columbia - Script, Director, Slated for 2006
-The Punisher 2, Lions Gate - Writer, Director, Slated for 2006
-Deathlok, Paramount - Script, Director, Slated for 2006

Marvel Character Feature Film Line-Up For 2007
-Spider-Man 3, Sony/Columbia - Director, May 4, 2007 release
-Namor, Universal Pictures - Script, Slated for 2007
-The Hulk 2, Universal Pictures - Development, Slated for 2007
-Wolverine, Fox - Development, Slated for 2007

Marvel Character Feature Film Projects in Development
Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Nick Fury, Silver Surfer, Thor

Marvel Character Animated Direct-to-Video Projects in Development
Partnership with Lions Gate to develop, produce and distribute original animated DVD features. Four projects in 2D/3D format are in development with the first release slated for 2006. Characters include: The Avengers 1, The Avengers 2, Iron Man and The Hulk.

Marvel Character Animated TV Projects in Development
Partnership with Antefilms Distribution to produce an original animated television series based on the Fantastic Four. 26, thirty-minute 2D/3D animated episodes are planned with initial TV airings in 2006.

Marvel Character Live Action TV Projects in Development
Blade and Brother Voodoo are two Marvel characters that are in development.


Metrosexual Wannabe

Thanks to kelly for sending this pic of me from this past weekend. I am indeed - the height of fashion.


MV Beach & House

Here are some more pictures from Martha's Vineyard.

MV Beach & House

October Anya Part I

As promised, here are some new pictures of Anya from the past few weeks. The pink pj pictures are even from today. My...I'm a good Dad.

Anya Pictures 10/3/04

MV Menemsha - New But Old Pictures!

As promised - some old but new pictures! I will try and get the rest of the Martha's Vineyard pix up today or tomorrow. Here's Sunset at Menemsha!


Updates & Such

I've been very busy. Too busy. Not only is Anya mobile - she's very mobile and doesn't like to sleep as much as Maya and I would like.

Also - Single Serve Coffee.com is doing really really well. I have paid advertisers, products to review, and it is a ton o fun.

HOWEVER...expect new pictures of Anya soon. Expect some posts here and there. And check out the links on the side to see what I've been up to.


Make Me the CEO

Okay - I've been saying the same thing for over 7 years. MY GOD. They had to go bankrupt to understand money can be found in niche markets and to actually play to your strengths might work in business.
"FAO Schwarz aims high in its upcoming catalog - Sep. 9, 2004: "'And probably the most significant difference is that we do not carry the products carried in mass-market stores, the major toy brands,' Richmond was quoted as saying. 'It is a new strategy. Our position is about things that are really spectacular and unique that you wouldn't find anyplace else.'"


Bring Our Troops Home

I went to the New York Times today and there is a page that shows all 1000 US troops killed in IRAQ. So sad - and for what? Oil? Money? To get Bush re-elected? Look at the flash movie I created below, it should give you some perspective on how stupid the war is...


Abuzz is Dead Jim. Dead.

Well it had to happen. Over 3+ years of my hard work - finally gone. It's over. Over.
Abuzz - Shut down notice.: "Shut down notice. On Thursday, Sept. 2, the Abuzz.com service was discontinued. The service was ended due to limited resources for maintaining a quality, moderated community site. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your loyal and lively interest in Abuzz. We encourage you to investigate other community sites including the forums on The New York Times site at http://forums.nytimes.com. Please direct any feedback to feedback@abuzz.com.
Thanks, The Abuzz Team"
However, as my friend and fellow builder of Abuzz points out...it still lives!!!!!

Photos that Make Me Smile

The Abuzz Men from Jason Butler's Wedding

My Brother Rod and his new son Darren (I love you Darren)

My Friends and My New Family on the Vineyard


Hillbilly Whack! Review at Download.com

"This program's humorous subject matter amuses us much more than its simple gameplay does. In this backwoods adventure, you must rescue your beloved from the hands of the evil Clem McSnide, by performing a number of tasks while avoiding your foes. For example, in the first story, you must rebuild your shack while avoiding enemy henchmen. If you get hurt, you can punch-out mules and pigs to reinvigorate yourself. Hillbilly Whack isn't particularly challenging, as we managed to complete the trial version's three levels without expending much effort. We were just as disappointed with the game's crude, blocky graphics, as we were with its virtually nonexistent feature set. We would have at least liked the ability to mute the sound. Although it's good for a quick laugh, Hillbilly Whack probably won't be an engrossing option for anyone but younger children."

Heh - we'll take it. It's nice to get 3 out of 5 for your first title. On reviewing the review, the next version will have loads more gameplay elements, and yes you'll even get to mute the sound. It's amazing me to me that people don't often get the "blocky graphics" and miss the Classic Gaming angle. Expect the game to be a bit more challenging in Hillbilly Whack! Zombie Attack! as well.

Overall - getting the game out, having people in general really like it, and hitting the mark with the humor - we are really happy. Oh yeah - and 125,000 downloads can't be that bad right?

Hillbilly Whack - Reviews and free downloads at Download.com


Thanks Kevin Costner

Say what you want...Kevin Costner can make a western.
"Open Range (2003): "A former gunslinger is forced to take up arms again when he and his cattle crew are threatened by a corrupt lawman. "


MacGourmet 1.0 for Mac OS X

I'm pleased to announce that my good friend Mike Dupuis of Advenio has released MacGourmet 1.0 for Mac OS X! I'm also pleased to say that he gave me the incredible opportunity to create the stylesheets and the look and feel of the recipe templates! So when you publish those MacGourmet recipes - a little piece of me is in there. Thanks again to Mike for the opportunity!

MacGourmet 1.0


Darren Lewis Brewer!!!

Born on Sunday at 9:08am and weighing in at 7lbs 15ozs - I give you my new nephew - Darren Lewis Brewer! He's got some big shoes to fill - given how amazing my niece Marilyn is - but I'm sure he's up to the task. Congratulations to Patty, Marilyn, and Rod!

I just can't wait to meet him!

Darren Lewis Brewer


Saddam 'gardens, eats muffins', writes poetry

I'm kinda starting to like the guy. :-)
"Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein spends his time in solitary confinement writing poems, tending a garden, reading the Koran and eating American muffins and cookies, a British newspaper has reported."

CNN.com - Saddam 'gardens, eats muffins' - Jul 26, 2004


Confessions of a (Former) Coffee Junkie review by Jay Mastaitis - single serve coffee at newmoanyeah

newmoanyeahreview.jpgRead the first review of SingleServeCoffee.com at New Moan Yeah.

"My addiction aside, Single Serve Coffee is a wonderful, perky resource for any online java fiend. It's a weblog with one single solitary purpose, to help you achieve coffee nirvana: Being able to create the best cup of coffee in the world, every morning, right in your kitchen."


Confessions of a (Former) Coffee Junkie review by Jay Mastaitis - single serve coffee at newmoanyeah


Flying Shirttails, the New Pennants of Rebellion

I couldn't agree more. I am a person with flying shirttails - I can't stand tucking in and never will.
"The New York Times > Fashion & Style > Flying Shirttails, the New Pennants of Rebellion: "Draped over khakis or jeans or expensive dress pants, the tails-out look appears to be the default for a generation still searching for a middle ground between the traditional coat-and-tie uniform for the workplace and the Internet-era alternative of outfits best suited for mowing the lawn. And, although retailers insist that the style is pitched mainly toward the young, the trend has obvious benefits for male Baby Boomers forced to confront, conceal and, if possible, flatter what an advertisement for women's undergarments used to term 'midriff bulge.'"


Singer Confirmed for 'Superman'

There is a god.
"Variety has confirmed that director Bryan Singer has taken on the challenge of directing the long-in-development 'Superman' film for Warner Brothers. He will create a script with X2 writers Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris. The film is expected to start production late this year in Australia. The current budget is set at $200 million. 'My interest in Superman dates back many, many years,' Singer said. 'In fact, it was the Richard Donner classic film that was my day-to-day inspiration in shaping the X-Men universe for the screen. I feel that Superman has been late in his return and it is time for him to fly again.'"


Romero to Make "Land of the Dead"

Thank god. Romero will at least get a chance to make the 4th movie in the series. I can't wait to see what he cooks up - the plot sounds - decent. And if Day of the Dead is any indicator (the original) - it will be total Zombiegeddon!!!!
"Huge huge news for George Romero fans! It's finally official, after years and years and years of waiting, George Romero's fourth and final zombie flick, now called Land of the Dead, is going to happen! If you haven't seen Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead or Day of the Dead, what the hell are you waiting for? Read on for this breaking news..."


New Anya Pictures!!!!

I haven't been posting that many pictures of Anya as of late - well - welcome to Anya picture overload.

Check out:


Denis in Boston.com Article on Jobs!!!

Too cool!
"BostonWorks - Jobs, Events, and Information from The Boston Globe: "Denis O'Connell took that advice. Laid off from his job at a company building websites for packaged goods companies at the end of January, he considered taking a few months off. If the layoff notice had come this spring, he might have taken the whole summer off. But he saw what could happen if he went that route."


Winnebago Man

Thanks to Aaron for sending this to me. Amazing!

Winnebago Man

Also - check out Fast Food Fever!

Another new site that's interesting is Single Serve Coffee.com!


Day of The Dead:CONTAGIUM

Not a Romero remake - but a parallel movie that wants to let us know how the "dead" came to rise. Hmmm...the brilliance of the first set of Romero movies was - you didn't know - it made it even creepier and like events in real life - not knowing sometimes is much much more horrific. Still - i'll check out any Zombie movie I can.

Day of The Dead:CONTAGIUM


New Scooter!!!!

Well - it took nearly 1.75 years for me to get back on the bike - but I did it. Check out my new Bajaj Chetak! It's a 4 stroke work of pure beauty! She'll go nearly 60 when broken in and it's nice to be commuting on such a solid bike. Also - very environmentally friendly - my old vespa put out the emissions of an SUV - this thing - well 1/100 the emissions and twice the power.

Enjoy the pictures! I took them at a filling station - at 100mpg - you spend a whopping $1.60 to fill her up.


Anya 4.5 Months

Anya 4.5 Months is a collection of photos from Lake Winn and also around the condo. She's getting much bigger and can now grab my coffee cup with ease. She even laughs. :-) I'm a very proud dad and getting very sappy at 4.5 months.


Anya Loves to Type

And I quote...
"kkkkk kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkk kkkm mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmm mmmmmmmm mmm mmmmmm mmmmlo mmm"


Nissan Cube Coming in 2007

Yet another boxy wonder...thank you Nissan!
Nissan Cube: "Nissan Motor Co. has announced the domestic Japanese launch of the new generation Cube, which will be displayed at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show (Commercial Vehicles). The first-generation model, released in 1998 created a new 'tall wagon' genre in the small car market and recorded sales of approximately 400,000 units.

Developed around the product concept of a 'magical box,' the second-generation Cube provides interior spaciousness and convenient storage features which enable the car to serve as the driver's personal 'toolbox.'"


Finally It's Here - AirPort Express - AirTunes

I waited. I waited. And...I waited. Finally Apple ships a wireless bridge to play anything from my G4 Cube Server in any room. Thank you Apple. Thank you. Oh yeah...and this also means that I have Xbox online or Nintendo Online access in any room because it has an ethernet and USB out. Thank you again Apple.
Apple - AirPort Express - AirTunes: "AirPort Express with AirTunes redefines the way you listen to your music at home. It gives you the freedom to play your iTunes music through your stereo or powered speakers in virtually in any room of your house wirelessly. It lets you enjoy the tremendous flexibility of iTunes without being bound to your Mac or PC, opening up a whole new world of musical enjoyment."



If I haven't blogged this before - I will share it with you now. Maya and I have a 4 month old named Anya - Dooce has a 4 month old named Leta. Last year and this year - we have been totally in sync with her developments (Leta) and Dooce's developments as a mom. It's great reading. It's also an amazing thing to have when you are going through the same things. Check out dooce.


Macworld Ads for Small Fry Studios

As promised here are the Macworld Boston ads that Russell and I are in.

Jay Brewer - As Seen in MacDirectory
Russell Miner - As Seen in MacAddict


New Music - Do You Want Me Now?

I continue to use Garageband...I love the thing. Do you want me now? I can't say this stuff is polished - but I have to get it out.

Do You Want Me Now?02:54
play hi-bitrate (mp3) (broadband)
download hi-bitrate (3.99 MB)


New Blogger Template & Look

Well - I did it. I got rid of the old face of jaybrewer.net. I will probably mess around with the look for the next forever. I've trimmed down the links on the side ----> and you can now access everything including my other sites a little more easily.

Here's to the NEW!


Anya in the Ocean and More Picture Phone Images

The Treo Album - Jan 2004 to ... is a collection of images including: Anya at the Beach, The Last Lunch Crew, Day at the Sox, and others. Enjoy!

Anya with Rod and Jim

I know it's been a little while - but here's the latest and greatest Anya pictures. We will have more pictures later this week of our trip to Rockport and putting her feet into the ocean for the first time.

Anya with Rod and Jim