New Years Resolutions

Portfolio related:
  • To finally really design the thing. And to have someone edit the text.Though it's all there - I want it to be much much better.
  • Actually look at the stuff I've done and say, "That's some cool stuff."
  • Add A Timeline to it - did you know that people love timelines?

Coffee Related:

Drinking Related:

  • Not to finish the entire bottle of wine over the course of 6 hours while I play Horizons. Is this possible? I think so...Also whiskey after wine - not a good idea.

Family Related:

  • Yes Family. I will be a father this year. A DAD! I think I'm going to keep this simple, keep the kid fed, clothed, and love Maya and the kid with everything I've got.

Game Creation Related:

  • Complete a new version of HillbillyWhack! - it will be called Zombie Attack
  • Complete our new Puzzle game

Computer Related:

  • Not to shut windows and then have to find them on the network over and over again. I constantly shut windows only seconds later to get another item out of the folder.
  • Not to close applications. I have over 1.5 gigs of memory - why do I find the need to shut photoshop and illustrator only to need to relaunch them over and over again.

Game playing related:

  • Not to become overally critical of the fact I just don't finish many games I buy. Why can't I just play them and like them as much as I play them?

Fat Related:

  • To stay at a nice 175-80lbs and be okay with it. Though 2 years ago I was at 165-70 - I was just too thin and I had to exercise all the time and not eat anything. I think I can be happy with 175-180.

Exercise related:

  • If we move at work - then go to that Gym. If we get another car - go to mikes. If not - don't stress about it. Maybe I'll just bench press the kid?

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