Is Bossk really that tough?

Somedays George Lucas and his band of marketing people can piss me off.
"A towering reptilian humanoid and skilled predator, Bossk is one of the galaxy's most elite and fearsome bounty hunters. After the Battle of Hoth, Bossk was hired by Darth Vader to track down the Millennium Falcon and her Rebel crew. Bossk is sculpted on a base with a blaster rifle."
I mean - really - IS BOSSK really one of the best bounty hunters? That shot of him in ESB is it - and he didn't even come close to snagging solo. You may argue that in the end - Vader hired Fett escusively - I doubt it. If I was Vader I would have hedged my bets. My point...Bossk is just a bounty hunter until I find out otherwise AND usually no the discount rack at Toys 'R Us.


Denis said...

In Star Wars Extended fiction, Bossk is pretty tough. Even though Boba Fett has all those Wookie scalps on his uniform, Bossk is a known Wookie hater. He is a Trandoshan, who are natural enemies of the Wookie (reptile vs. mammal, I guess). Although I think Boba Fett and IG-88 are the best of that group.

Anonymous said...

Bossk is the best.
u suok if u think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

"My point...Bossk is just a bounty hunter until I find out otherwise AND usually no the discount rack at Toys 'R Us."

You won't find out too much more about Bossk, as he died on the sale barge in episode 6 when Jabba died. He was on the barge and then it blew... so he's dead. But as far as your arguement goes, if you are basing your judgements on Bounty Hunters off of just the movies, then who is Boba Fett? The guy leads the Empire to Solo? And then what? He is killed accidently from Han Solo when he hits his jet pack? I mean, he just rolled straight into the Sarlacc. And when Chewie and Leia were shooting at the Slave 1 in cloud city, a TRUE and skilled Bounty Hunter would have turned around and captured the Wookie for his bounty as well, right?

My point is, Bossk must be a Bad Ace... if we judge his skills in the same light as Boba Fett anyway. Cause most of Boba Fetts stories take place in the Extended Universe, and in the E.U., Bossk is indead a equal Bad Ace as Boba. ;) But if we judge by E.U. standards, neither of them died on Jaba sail barge and the big droid Bounty Hunter was one of 5 that killed thier creators upon activation and Boba has actually killed 3 out of the 5. So why would they be standing in the same room? Many questions, one answer.

"...band of marketing people can piss me off." Stupid Marketing department. Lucas is cool though. :)