Flying Shirttails, the New Pennants of Rebellion

I couldn't agree more. I am a person with flying shirttails - I can't stand tucking in and never will.
"The New York Times > Fashion & Style > Flying Shirttails, the New Pennants of Rebellion: "Draped over khakis or jeans or expensive dress pants, the tails-out look appears to be the default for a generation still searching for a middle ground between the traditional coat-and-tie uniform for the workplace and the Internet-era alternative of outfits best suited for mowing the lawn. And, although retailers insist that the style is pitched mainly toward the young, the trend has obvious benefits for male Baby Boomers forced to confront, conceal and, if possible, flatter what an advertisement for women's undergarments used to term 'midriff bulge.'"

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Denis said...

Me too. The only time I tuck in, is when I have a suit on.