Recent Work & Thoughts

Well - I can definitely say I'm busy. We are raising a daughter, selling our condo, buying a house, and I have no less than 4 blogs/webzines that I'm running.

Fast Food Fever.com - It's still going and may even be featured in FHM magazine
Single Serve Coffee.com - It's going strong and I even have 4 paid advertisers - 4!!!
Shaving Stuff.com - Russell Neufeld and I are doing this one and it's been very fun so far.
Kitchen Contraptions.com - Maya, Russ, and I will be doing this and Michael too.

Also on the gaming front - Halo 2, Half Life 2, Everquest 2 - SO MANY 2s!!!

And most importantly...my family life. Anya, Maya, and her mom are so inspiring. Anya just does more and more and more stuff everyday and Maya seems to adapt with no effort. She's amazing. Her mom has been such a light to how important family is and how important they are to have around, and how much they can be the best friends you can have. It makes me miss my parents, my brother, my aunt and uncle more and more everyday. That's a good thing not a bad thing. I love them all.

Well that's all for now. I rarely write these types of posts - but once in awhile you have to.

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Christina said...

So.. one question.. why does the fast food fever link in this email direct me to newscientist.com :-)