Totally F**king Depressing

I just couldn't say it better than Leander...my god...what is wrong with this country?
The Cult of Mac Blog: "It's a beautiful, sunny, marine-clear morning here in San Francisco, but no one's very cheerful. It's a black day in America. Four more years of war and death, domestic decay and neo-con lunacy (three slots on the Supreme Court may open up).

Voters were more concerned with 'moral issues' -- preventing gays from marrying -- than slaughter for oil. And those propping up this evil regime -- blue collar Midwest conservatives -- are those the most shafted: no healthcare, no education, outsourced jobs, and their kids are sent to die in Iraq.

I like America and Americans, and San Francisco is a lovely town. But the streets are full of beggars, the highways are covered in trash and kids are armed with guns. America's rotten to the core.

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