Horizons Screenshots - The Second Foundation

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Horizons Screenshots - The Second Foundation

Martian Rover Honors Columbia Crew

This just kicks ass! "A plaque commemorating the astronauts who died in the tragic accident of the Space Shuttle Columbia is mounted on the back of the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit's high-gain antenna. The plaque was designed by Mars Exploration Rover engineers. The astronauts are also honored by the new name of the rover landing site, the Columbia Memorial Station. This image was taken on Mars by Spirit's navigation camera."
Click here for the big view...

New Years Resolutions

Portfolio related:
  • To finally really design the thing. And to have someone edit the text.Though it's all there - I want it to be much much better.
  • Actually look at the stuff I've done and say, "That's some cool stuff."
  • Add A Timeline to it - did you know that people love timelines?

Coffee Related:

Drinking Related:

  • Not to finish the entire bottle of wine over the course of 6 hours while I play Horizons. Is this possible? I think so...Also whiskey after wine - not a good idea.

Family Related:

  • Yes Family. I will be a father this year. A DAD! I think I'm going to keep this simple, keep the kid fed, clothed, and love Maya and the kid with everything I've got.

Game Creation Related:

  • Complete a new version of HillbillyWhack! - it will be called Zombie Attack
  • Complete our new Puzzle game

Computer Related:

  • Not to shut windows and then have to find them on the network over and over again. I constantly shut windows only seconds later to get another item out of the folder.
  • Not to close applications. I have over 1.5 gigs of memory - why do I find the need to shut photoshop and illustrator only to need to relaunch them over and over again.

Game playing related:

  • Not to become overally critical of the fact I just don't finish many games I buy. Why can't I just play them and like them as much as I play them?

Fat Related:

  • To stay at a nice 175-80lbs and be okay with it. Though 2 years ago I was at 165-70 - I was just too thin and I had to exercise all the time and not eat anything. I think I can be happy with 175-180.

Exercise related:

  • If we move at work - then go to that Gym. If we get another car - go to mikes. If not - don't stress about it. Maybe I'll just bench press the kid?


Old School Oscar Poster? How about Old Style!

Not really old school...but old. The woodcut style is very 1994-96 - exactly how di they pick it? Who knows - but what I wouldn't do to be the art director for the academy and bring them into this century. It's just plain awful.


It's Official - SPIRIT HAS LANDED!!!

Spirit - the first of 2 Mars Rovers has landed successfully and is sending back killer black and white photos of Mars! I have become quite a Mars head over the last few yeras and even went to a failed Opportunity launch (the second of the two rovers) earlier this year. It's amazing to think we have sent a golf cart sized machine to another planet and maybe...just maybe...it will prove that life exists out there. More pictures at CNN: NASA rover lands safely on red planet