The Masters of the Universe Coloring Book!

Read this. It will make your day. Wow...Wow.X-Entertainment: The Masters of the Universe Coloring Book!: "It's been a long time since X-E's last Masters of the Universe article, so why not? Today's focus isn't on the cartoon or toys we love so much, but rather a more sinister foray that let kids color He-Man's skin in all the wrong colors. Yes, izza coloring book."


My Youth Electric

My Youth Electric is a song I wrote about 9 years ago at the end of College-I finally have recorded a version thanks to Garageband. This is an early version - the vocals and stuff are a little off due to using a USB microphone. I will have a new extended version soon once I get better stuff.

The best thing about Garageband is the ability to play it all myself - minus the drums - which I'm working on. Also - the best of the best things is...I actually can sit down and record this stuff and get it out of my head.

If you have iTunes or another mp3 file player on your machine click here to listen to My Youth Electric or visit my MacIdol page.