New Music - Do You Want Me Now?

I continue to use Garageband...I love the thing. Do you want me now? I can't say this stuff is polished - but I have to get it out.

Do You Want Me Now?02:54
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New Blogger Template & Look

Well - I did it. I got rid of the old face of jaybrewer.net. I will probably mess around with the look for the next forever. I've trimmed down the links on the side ----> and you can now access everything including my other sites a little more easily.

Here's to the NEW!


Anya in the Ocean and More Picture Phone Images

The Treo Album - Jan 2004 to ... is a collection of images including: Anya at the Beach, The Last Lunch Crew, Day at the Sox, and others. Enjoy!

Anya with Rod and Jim

I know it's been a little while - but here's the latest and greatest Anya pictures. We will have more pictures later this week of our trip to Rockport and putting her feet into the ocean for the first time.

Anya with Rod and Jim