Make Me the CEO

Okay - I've been saying the same thing for over 7 years. MY GOD. They had to go bankrupt to understand money can be found in niche markets and to actually play to your strengths might work in business.
"FAO Schwarz aims high in its upcoming catalog - Sep. 9, 2004: "'And probably the most significant difference is that we do not carry the products carried in mass-market stores, the major toy brands,' Richmond was quoted as saying. 'It is a new strategy. Our position is about things that are really spectacular and unique that you wouldn't find anyplace else.'"


Bring Our Troops Home

I went to the New York Times today and there is a page that shows all 1000 US troops killed in IRAQ. So sad - and for what? Oil? Money? To get Bush re-elected? Look at the flash movie I created below, it should give you some perspective on how stupid the war is...


Abuzz is Dead Jim. Dead.

Well it had to happen. Over 3+ years of my hard work - finally gone. It's over. Over.
Abuzz - Shut down notice.: "Shut down notice. On Thursday, Sept. 2, the Abuzz.com service was discontinued. The service was ended due to limited resources for maintaining a quality, moderated community site. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your loyal and lively interest in Abuzz. We encourage you to investigate other community sites including the forums on The New York Times site at http://forums.nytimes.com. Please direct any feedback to feedback@abuzz.com.
Thanks, The Abuzz Team"
However, as my friend and fellow builder of Abuzz points out...it still lives!!!!!

Photos that Make Me Smile

The Abuzz Men from Jason Butler's Wedding

My Brother Rod and his new son Darren (I love you Darren)

My Friends and My New Family on the Vineyard