More 'them' than 'us'

Good luck America. Good luck.
"MSNBC - More 'them' than 'us': "So let there be no whining when your husband's National Guard obligation leaves him under fire for six extra months, or when Granny and Gramps are eating cat food, or when it become increasingly impossible to meet the economic needs of the middle-class family.

No complaining. None of it.

You wanted this guy. Now you have him, unleashed."

Totally F**king Depressing

I just couldn't say it better than Leander...my god...what is wrong with this country?
The Cult of Mac Blog: "It's a beautiful, sunny, marine-clear morning here in San Francisco, but no one's very cheerful. It's a black day in America. Four more years of war and death, domestic decay and neo-con lunacy (three slots on the Supreme Court may open up).

Voters were more concerned with 'moral issues' -- preventing gays from marrying -- than slaughter for oil. And those propping up this evil regime -- blue collar Midwest conservatives -- are those the most shafted: no healthcare, no education, outsourced jobs, and their kids are sent to die in Iraq.

I like America and Americans, and San Francisco is a lovely town. But the streets are full of beggars, the highways are covered in trash and kids are armed with guns. America's rotten to the core.


Nintendo of America shuts down 8-bit pirates

I've been seeing these pirated systems here in Boston for over 6 months. They harass you in the mall trying to sell you a Nintendo 64 look-alike controller that plugs into your TV. It's a shame that these kinds of products can even last 6 months and I'm glad to see them being shut down.
GamesIndustry.biz - Nintendo of America shuts down 8-bit pirates: "A pirate operation providing video game systems featuring unlicensed NES titles has been shut down by Nintendo of America, with the US District Court granting a temporary restraining order against two companies involved in their sale."