Fast Food Fever in FHM Magazine (and me of course)

If you didn't know - because I didn't show you a copy of the Teri Hatcher FHM Feb issue - well - Fast Food Fever had an entire page of the Pop 'N Taco featured in it - along with yours truly with a whole face full of "taco". BOOO YAH!!!

I got interviewed in December and they even featured the pictures from one of our Fast Food Fever Photoshoots. I'm a very proud 30 something married guy with a kid in FHM. I wonder when Maxim will call me up to have a photoshoot with actual models eating hot dogs? Who knows? It might just happen.

Click here to view the entire PDF of the article or buy the Feb Issue of FHM magazine in the US.

Thanks again to Philip Crandal of FHM for making it happen!

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laura said...

That is awesome! You're famous now!

Yay, I can post on your blog now! :)