Can you say Blogpire?

This is the most likely place to announce a new change in my work life. I'm moving on from the last 4.5 years working for someone else and for the foreseeable future moving forward on my own business - Blogpire Productions.

What am I going to do? What is this Blogpire thing? Well, I'm sure you all have been to Fast Food Fever! over the past couple of years and enjoyed it. I've enjoyed it too, and that site made me realize how much I like writing, and creating sites for people to visit, have a good time, get their news, and also - find other people that like the things they do.

So, last year, May 2004 specifically, I started to focus my blogging on more precise topics - things like Single Serve Coffee? Sounds crazy, but I had read an article that PVRBlog.com was doing really well and it was focused on just mostly TIVO and Replay. I had seen the Senseo Single Serve Coffee machine in Wired and other publications that seemed to be inventing a new category - a coffee machine that makes single cups of coffees using coffee pods. Maybe a blog on just Senseo and Single Serve Coffee would work? Maybe other companies would make machines and in a year or so it would be a big new product category with lots of stuff to write on?

Well, right out of the gate in May and June 2004, Single Serve Coffee.com was a hit. Philips had just released the new Senseo coffee machine, and I went and bought one to review on the site. Traffic doubled. And in July - it doubled again. Also, something else started to happen, as I covered more information on the topic, companies started to send me their products to review on the site and they wanted to advertise if I would let them.

Let them? Sure! And, that's when I started to realize that blogs focused on certain product niches and categories might just work and work well and most of all - be fun. I decided then to start to look for more topics I could write on and to get other people to write on topics they were passionate about. Blogpire Productions was born.

Well - a year later, here I am. Blogpire Productions has 7 titles, and 3 coming over the Summer. We cover Kitchen Gadgets, TVs, Poker Chips, Single Serve Coffee, Shaving, Tennis Racquets, and of course Fast Food. We have over 20+ advertisers, and also make money through Google ads, and Amazon and other affiliate programs.

Hopefully I won't have to return to the regular working world too soon. And I invite you to tell everyone you know about the blogs you can. If you're interested in writing on a product or category niche - let us know. Also - if you know of companies or web sites we should look into, let us know.

Wish me luck.

- Jay Brewer


Jordan said...

WoOT!!! Good luck man!

asack said...

Small world. I just got a ping from liesel and learned about your new gig....
I also happen to be in Boston on Tues the 29th...you available at all.